NutraVideo: Caliper on finding the right CBD dose –

The legislation would allow hemp and hemp-derived CBD to be legally marketed in dietary supplements so long as manufacturers comply with new dietary ingredient requirements and other Food and Drug Act dietary supplement policies.

CBD regulations would also help standardize safe amounts of CBD. However, one company isn’t waiting for the FDA to define what a safe CBD dosage is.

With precisely 20 milligrams of CBD per individual 0.4 gram packet, Caliper CBD recently introduced CBD packets to take the guesswork out of dosing. Sourced from US-grown hemp, Caliper CBD is non-GMO, THC-free and non-psychoactive. The company said each serving will provide consistent and predictable results. 

Keith Woelfel, Director of Research Development at Caliper, said he welcomes a regulated marketplace. “There is a lack of regulation on transparency for labeling, transparency for testing, uniformity for dose, there are a lot of terms that are more marketing terms that are confusing to consumers…so we really welcome the ability for the industry to be more regulatory-based and more fact-based to consumers.”

“Consumers often reach for CBD for a multitude of effects. Pain management, relaxation, sleep,”​ adding that dosage depends on not only what benefit consumers are seeking, but also format, bioavailability and genetic factors such as microbiome health. 

Woelfel highlighted a 2019 study at Colorado State University that found that Caliper CBD is exceptionally well absorbed by the body—some 450% better than traditional oil-based CBD products.

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