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ORLANDO, Fla.–()–Bazelet Oglesby [Bazelet] announces its new (cannabis) plant variety: Cannabis America, 100% genetically free of the psychoactive and illegal compound Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC].

Bazelet’s Cannabis America plants are 100% THC-Free plants scientifically different from marijuana and all current hemp strains. The new Cannabis America plant is not just a unique variety of hemp but an entirely new category of the cannabis sativa plant. Both cannabis marijuana and cannabis hemp plants grown in the US today contain Δ9-THC, a schedule I controlled substance enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Bazelet’s THC-Free Cannabis America plant variety is a first for the agriculture, cannabis, and hemp industries. Bazelet Research Director David Grand said, “The Cannabis America plant variety, along with our Bazelet Landrace Genetics, bring unique purity with superior synergistic effects that scientific research indicates will increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids, a primary requirement of effective therapies.”

The company will begin sales of Cannabis America to its Authorized Producers later this year and expanded deployment of many new varieties as part of its 2021 product offering. Bazelet Oglesby is deeply involved in plant tissue culture development and is actively working in collaboration with molecular biology and genomics laboratories at universities in the US and Israel, establishing a nationally recognized genetic and genomics library.

The Cannabis America variety resolves a legal issue that has been central to the legality and legitimacy of cannabis for more than 80 years. “Cannabis America plants have as much THC as wheat, corn or potatoes,” said Gary Hennen, a Director with Bazelet Oglesby and President of Oglesby Plants International. He added, The Cannabis America plant variety is 100% THC-Free and will help expand hemp production exponentially, particularly here in the US. Farmers who have been reluctant to grow Hemp for fear of possessing an illegal controlled substance can now be a part of the hemp economy without fear of breaking the law and losing their investment.”

According to the DEA: “The definition of hemp does not automatically exempt any product derived from a hemp plant, regardless of the Δ9 -THC content of the derivative. In order to meet the definition of 'hemp,’ and thus qualify for the exemption from schedule I, the derivative must not exceed the 0.3% Δ9 -THC limit.1

Our genome sequencing work will help build public breeding programs globally and provide farmers, cultivators and regulators safe, effective, reliable and federally compliant plant genetics,” said Grand.

Bazelet’s US Director Michael Elzufon said, “We are excited to be an integral part of the contribution to the global cannabis industry’s advancement. It is our opinion, Cannabis America creates an entirely new, entirely legal type of the cannabis plant. Cannabis America could be regulated, grown, bought, sold, and traded like any other plant or crop. We believe Cannabis America being a THC-Free cannabis plant variety will change the industry and solve substantial legal and regulatory challenges surrounding cannabis. Cannabis America allows unrestrained American innovation to capture all the benefits of the cannabis plant without the legal concern and challenges that cannabis marijuana and cannabis hemp varieties have.”

Dr. Steven Salsburg, Medical Director for Bazelet Health Systems, commented on Cannabis America from a physician’s point of view stating, “Medicines are central to modern and traditional medical practice and factual data paramount to physician trust. Physicians face substantial exposure to legal and malpractice issues with cannabis because of the inherent presence of Δ9-THC. This creates an enormous barrier of entry for experienced and learned research investigators and physicians from utilizing cannabis as a medicine or supplement. It is the reason that a significant majority of US physicians have not pursued cannabis products as a potential therapy for their patients. A 0.00% Δ9-THC plant is very different than any other cannabis plant and will allow the established medical community, without legal risk, to evaluate whether a federally compliant cannabinoid derived product is appropriate for their patient’s need and condition.”

About the Company:

Bazelet Oglesby is a leader in the propagation of Stage IV / young hemp plants (commonly referred to as „Clones”), plant breeding, plant tissue culture, and product development. Bazelet Oglesby is vertically integrated with the development of genetics and controls 100% of the breeding process. The company currently has an in-house plant propagation production capacity that exceeds 10 million plants per year. By bringing over 50 years of breeding and genetic research of the Cannabis Sativa L plant, Bazelet Oglesby is part of the world’s largest seed bank. We have a global team of horticultural specialists who bring a host of science-based solutions, knowledge, and experience in pest and disease control, plant physiology, weed management, replant problems, and sustainable agriculture.

Bazelet Oglesby is a subsidiary of Bazelet Health Systems (“BHS”) and Oglesby Plants International. Bazelet Health Systems is a healthcare organization established in the US because of two distinct capabilities. First, its extensive medical knowledge, including the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and human health, and second, its in-depth scientific knowledge of the cannabis Sativa L plant (CSL) and its molecular structure. Founded in 1947 by Raymond Oglesby, Oglesby Plants International became one of Florida’s premier horticulture companies and established itself as a world leader in tissue culture propagation and the production of young plants for the global horticulture industry. For more information, visit or call 321-430-0609.


DEA Implementation of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 RIN 1117- AB53/ Docket No. DEA-500

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