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CBD Oil Explained

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a compound that’s found mostly in the hemp plant. Don’t let the word hemp scare you off. There are a lot of people who think that hemp and marijuana are essentially the same plant,

but this couldn’t be further form the truth.Hemp and marijuana are actually very different plants. While hemp is rich in CBD and contains only trace amounts of THC, marijuana is the opposite. Here are some facts about Cannativa CBD oil and products like it:

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  • CBD is not a drug
  • THC is the compound that gets people high
  • While hemp does contain trace amount of THC, it is always removed during the extraction process
  • This oil contains no THC
  • CBD use will never cause a failing result for a drug test

Cannativa Rx CBD Oil Benefits

If you’re wondering why someone would add CBD to their life, there are lots of reasons. Some people use CBD to control and reduce the symptoms of serious health conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder and chronic pain issues.

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However, the vast majority of CBD users take CBD more like a vitamin. It can reduce every day problems and issues. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll notice after you add Cannativa CBD oil to your daily routine:

  1. Reduced Aches and Pains
  2. Better Sleep
  3. Lower Blood Sugar
  4. Clearer Mental Focus
  5. Less Stress
  6. Reduced Anxiety
  7. Better Mood

Cannativa CBD Ingredients

The ingredients of a CBD oil are more important than you think. We’re happy to report that all the plants used to make Cannativa CBD tincture are farmed organically. Lesser oils don’t bother farming organically so that they can make more oil faster, but that oil ends up being lower quality.

The organic farming means that the oil contains no pesticides, herbicides, or other artificial compounds. They don’t end up in your system, and just as important, the farming technique is eco-friendly. We love it when we find a company like this cares this much about the environment.

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