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AMSTERDAM – September 18, 2020 – (Newswire.com)

Damp-e, a Netherlands-based e-cigarette platform that carries everything from e-cigarettes to vapes, this week announced they have officially added vaporizers to their product offering.

Continuously expanding their online product offering to meet the demands of consumers, Damp-e carries pods, e-liquids, aromas, mods, evaporations, coils, do-it-yourself parts, e-cigarettes, and now vaporizers.

“Vaporizers have become a major part of the e-cigarette world today, which is why their addition to Damp-e just made sense,” said Mr. Dave Westerveld, President of Damp-e. “Damp-e will now carry both a portable vaporizer, as well as a table vaporizer.”

Defining a vaporizer as a specialized device that can be used to vaporize extracts or herbs, the Damp-e vaporizer selection is all about evaporation with no combustion. The absence of combustion in the process means the vaporizer is less harmful than regular smoking alternatives. No tar is released during combustion, sparing the lungs of dangerous ingestion.

“Vaporizers can be used with weed, hash and other herbs, depending upon the user’s preference,” said Mr. Westerveld. “Check carefully what type of vaporize technique that works with the device before ordering it. Spread the word on the addition of vaporizers to the Damp-e selection today.”

Damp-e also provides visitors with access to their e-cigarette specialists that are on-call to answer every question. The specialists will also go over how to use the products properly and safely if the buyer is new to the world of vapes.

For those wondering more about the world of vaporizers, Damp-e specialists are equipped with the latest knowledge for safe usage.

To check out the new vaporizer selection, visit: https://damp-e.nl/vaporizer

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