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A new cannabis store will soon open in Hanna, Alta. File Photo

Cannabis enthusiasts need not travel for their supplies soon, as Shortgrass Cannabis hopes to open their doors before the year is out.
Owner Barbara Larson said that when the laws changed she saw an exciting business opportunity.
“I also saw a significant benefit to our community, as a cannabis retail store will add to our town’s amenities, assist in diversifying our local economy and will attract tourism and traffic to our downtown corridor,” Larson explained.
“I had not worked in this industry prior to beginning this endeavor and as a result found the entire process rather fascinating and exciting. Perhaps most significantly, I have come to recognize the importance of promoting the legal and safe consumption of cannabis in our community,” she added.
Larson, who chose the name because of the communities roots in a shortgrass prairie ecosystem,  noted that she hoped to create a welcoming environment where “all customers of legal age feel comfortable coming in to purchase products and ask as may questions as they want in the process.”
“Shortgrass Cannabis will offer comparable prices, with the customer service and friendliness that this town is known for,” she noted.
Larson said that while many cannabis users worry about stigma, she hoped that individuals recognize they are not alone for feeling that way, and feel safer buying from a small, local business.
“I believe that the only way to alleviate the fear and stigma attached to cannabis is through public education and awareness,” Larson said.
“I’m aware that there may be some skepticism in our community with the opening of Shortgrass Cannabis and I am more than happy to address any questions or concerns via email and emails will be answered as quickly as possible.”
With the AGLC regulating the products and information that cannabis stores sell and promote, stores across Alberta offer similar products, however she said in a small community she hopes to tailor her product to residents needs.
“I am looking forward to hearing what products people would like to see on our shelves- and ordering diverse products to meet the needs of our customers. In addition to the sale of cannabis, the store will also have a varied assortment of cannabis accessories available for purchase,” Larson said.
Currently in the final construction phase, Larson said she utilised local businesses as much as possible for the stores renovations.
The store will be located on Second Avenue, to the east of what was previously the Homestyle Pies Building.
Staty tuned for an official opening date and operating hours.

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