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Veterans, as you may know, suffer from a variety of medical conditions brought about by their time in the military. These conditions range from all sorts of bone and muscle problems, even to mental disorders. Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is frequent among veterans. PTSD, anxiety, even chronic pain – these are lifelong conditions so they must get treatment for it. If not then they will be suffering from consequences like panic attacks, seizures, nightmares, or other negative experiences.

There are many forms of treatment that veterans receive – many pharmaceutical drugs are available to treat these medical conditions like anxiety and PTSD. Psychotherapy is also widely used. Recent studies, however, have shown an alternative treatment that most people may not know. Treatment with cannabidiol or CBD from the marijuana plant has actually proven to be helpful with veterans. The list below will give you the short rundown of the good effects of CBD medication.

1. CBD reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms among veterans

As published in the Veterans Affairs website here, CBD oil has shown positive results in reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms. A single dose can reduce their anxiety. Although the symptoms will not go away forever, its management is now smoother and more comfortable. This is a big help for veterans because the gruesome things they have witnessed on the job stay with them even as they try to live as a civilian.

Apparently CBD oil is even effective when taken after each traumatic incident, which means that it can be used regularly by those still working in combat. Usage of CBD while on active duty could decrease the development of PTSD and even severe anxiety. This means that CBD can function as a preventive treatment and reduce the chances of dealing with PTSD or anxiety as a veteran.

2. It alleviates chronic pain which are very common among veterans

Chronic pain makes life extremely difficult for veterans, adding to the stressors of adjusting to a regular life after duty. Combat-related chronic pain comes in many forms and some have suffered life-threatening injuries. Opioids are usually prescribed by their doctors but these have side effects such as mood swings, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. 

On the other hand, “CBD oil alleviates pain, diminishes inflammation, enhances mood, and is an effective remedy for a variety of other ailments, both physical and mental,” according to the VA website on how CBD oil can help with anxiety and PTSD among veterans. “CBD can probably be an alternative for opioids for military veterans with PTSD and related depressive symptoms.” 

3. CBD is a natural medication 

Unfortunately, opioids and other medicines can actually lead to an overdose. Meanwhile CBD (oil) is extracted from the hemp plant – making it a suitable organic alternative. It even enhances the patient’s mood and mental stability. They do not need to worry about “getting high” because CBD does not have that component; rather it is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which causes that. CBD or even hemp products will only bring in the positive health benefits without the side effects of “being high.”

There are infinitely many positive impacts that CBD oils can help veterans with – this short list just tackles a few. In fact, in Colorado CBD oil is widely available through medical clinics, dispensaries, even vape shops. You will find that in Colorado CBD oil use, among other forms of CBD products, has been legalized for use by those over 21 years of age. This is a good place to start for those wondering where to acquire CBD oils to combat their medical problems. 

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