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One Less CBD Thinks ‘Outside the Pill Bottle’

New anti-inflammatory cream marries CBD with traditional analgesics to give providers and patients a product with no THC.

As more HME providers are offering CBD as part of their range of pain management offerings, one product has emerged from within the industry: One Less CBD’s anti-inflammatory cream. 

Launched by CEO and founder Matt Parks, who is also vice president of Williams Medical Supply in Nashville, Tenn., One Less CBD is a fast-acting topical cream made from CBD isolate with no THC. 

“I made my product specifically for HME/DME because that is the world I live in,” Park says, 

Taking, as the company says, an “out of the pill bottle” approach, One Less CBD marries natural ingredients with a science-backed approach. The product leverages six natural active ingredients, CBD isolate, eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, geranium and white willow.

Since the product uses CDB isolate, there is no THC in the cream. In fact, the company performs third-party laboratory testing to ensure the cream contains 400mg of CBD and 0mg of THC. (A 4-ounce jar contains 400 mg of CBD, at 100 mg an ounce.)

“This product is safe and effective and is not your typical white label CBD,” Park notes. “I know it’s a crowded space, but we are beginning to make a name for ourselves because the results are real.”

The company is currently providing a 90-day, risk-free trial to HME providers to prove their product sells.

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