1 in 3 Amsterdam Taxi Drivers Positive for THC and Speed – LoudCloudHealth

Yes, catching a taxi is indeed a comfortable and convenient way of getting from one point to another. Unfortunately, this was not the case in Amsterdam, where according to the latest police reports, six taxi drivers were recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of THC.

The Netherlands officers conducted a routine search during the early weekend hours. What they discovered was deeply disturbing. Namely, the above-mentioned taxi drivers tested positive not only for THC — the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis — but amphetamine as well!

According to our sources, the Amsterdam officers tested a total of 18 taxi drivers who were made to take a saliva test. For six drivers, the results came back positive — both for amphetamine and THC. Moments after, all six of them were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. In addition, the guilty taxi drivers also had blood taken from them for further investigation.

Based on the reports of a police spokesperson, these drivers were selected at random. He also noted that, recently, the number of taxi drivers in Amsterdam who were driving under the influence has increased. During a routine check in February, “only” 1 in 8 inspected taxi drivers came back with a positive test, whereas in September the number soared to 1 in 3. The spokesman also went on to say that these police controls were extremely useful and necessary for the general safety of the inhabitants of the city.

It has been proven that marijuana can impair motor coordination, judgment, and the ability to focus, as well as slow down the reaction time when driving.  

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