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Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to gain popularity around the world as a safe, non-intoxicating, and all-natural treatment for dozens of different diseases and disorders. In sharp contrast to THC, CBD does not appear to have any intoxicating or addictive properties, but this cannabinoid exerts many of the same benefits that have made THC famous. In this guide, we’ll explore the evidence that CBD might help with sleep and explain why hemp flower is one of the best types of CBD products to try when you’re desperate to get a full night of rest.

CBD flower, sleep, and the endocannabinoid system

According to a 2020 review of the available scientific evidence, the endocannabinoid system overlaps with the parts of your brain that control your sleep-wake cycles. The endocannabinoid system is an array of neurological mechanisms that interact with both endocannabinoids (body-generated cannabinoid-like compounds) and phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids found in cannabis).

As a result, it’s natural to expect that CBD might have an impact on the quantity and the quality of sleep you get at night. Since research estimates that inhaling CBD could offer up to 56% bioavailability, using CBD flower could be one of the most potent and effective ways to experience the potential sleep-improving benefits of this cannabinoid. 

Research into CBD flower and sleep

A variety of factors can affect the quality of your sleep, such as pain and anxiety. When evaluating the usefulness of CBD flower for sleep, therefore, it’s important to consider how this cannabinoid might affect underlying issues that could be interrupting your ability to sleep properly.

CBD for sleep

One major clinical study has been conducted to determine the effects of CBD on sleep patterns in adults. In this study, 103 patients received between 25mg and 175mg of CBD per day. After the first month, 66.7% of patients reported better sleep, and 79.2% of patients reported decreased anxiety. Confirming the minimal side effects of CBD compared to mainline sleep drugs or THC, only three out of the 103 participants in this study exhibited negative reactions to CBD.

CBD for anxiety

A 2015 review of the evidence consulted more than 100 published studies to provide a cohesive perspective on the potential usefulness of CBD for anxiety. This research found that the available clinical and preclinical studies supported CBD’s potential usefulness in “reducing anxiety behaviors” without causing significant sedation or any other negative effects. These results clearly differentiate CBD from THC, which can cause severe anxiety.

CBD for pain

A 2008 review of the evidence found that CBD showed great promise as a potential treatment for chronic pain, and more recent research echoes these findings while cautioning against the potential dangers posed by the unregulated CBD industry. Thousands of people around the world have used CBD for pain, and since this cannabinoid has very limited side effects compared to opioids and other mainline pain treatments, the popularity of CBD for pain will only continue to increase.

Best CBD flower for sleep

Now that you have a basic grasp of the evidence suggesting that CBD might be useful for sleep, it’s time to identify the CBD products that are most likely to help you overcome stress, anxiety, and pain to deliver a night full of regenerative sleep. The incredibly high bioavailability and fast onset of effects offered by CBD flower makes this product type an ideal hemp solution to reach for at the onset of insomnia, but some CBD flower products might be better for sleep than others.

While the science behind the differences between indica-dominant and sativa-dominant Cannabis sativa is shaky at best, almost all CBD flower users report that indica CBD buds provide more relaxing effects than sativa flower. Whether it’s the terpene profiles in indica CBD flower that provide these effects or some other factor, what’s clear is that CBD users are far more likely to reach for indica hemp when they need help sleeping than they are likely to rely on sativa buds.

Search for sounder sleep naturally with CBD

Some CBD flower products might be easier to use than others when you need quick relief to get to sleep. You may find that keeping a pack of CBD pre-rolls and a lighter by your bedside is the most efficient way to take advantage of the potential sleep-inducing effects of this cannabinoid.

However you decide to use CBD for sleep, just remember to choose high-quality CBD flower from a reputable brand. With more than 4,600 verified customer reviews, Secret Nature is the world’s most popular CBD flower producer, and with dozens of CBD pre-roll, CBD nug, and CBD vape products to choose from, you’ll never run out of ways to use organic, lab-tested CBD for sleep with Secret Nature.

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