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This CBDPure review has been medically reviewed by Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD and was written by the team at CBDStudy, a CBD research publication.

CBDPure is a family-owned brand of NutraPure, which is a Washington-based hemp and research company. CBDPure sources their hemp from family farms in both Washington and Colorado. According to CBDPure’s website, their hemp is grown using certified organic standards, though there is no indication that they are actually certified organic.

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CBDPure Overview

This brand has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau [1], a rating that is reserved for only the most trusted companies. While there are some complaints on the BBB site, they have all been resolved.

CBDPure did receive a warning letter from the FDA in March 2019 because they made medical claims, as well as not providing adequate instructions for usage.[2] Don’t let this turn you off, however, as many high-quality brands have received similar letters. The dos and don’ts of marketing CBD are not cut and dry.

CBDPure offers oils, softgels, topicals and pet products. They are a full-spectrum extract and come in various dosages. The third-party results are available on the website for all who want to see them.

The Good:

  • Complete full-spectrum formula
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Organic growing processes
  • Third-party lab results on the website
  • A+ rating with the BBB

The Bad:

  • No THC-free products available
  • Pet CBD oil and capsules are disproportionately expensive compared to their other products and the industry average

Who Is CBDPure?

CBDPure was founded in 2016 by CJ Montgomery. Montgomery originally went to law school, but ended up following a friend out to Vancouver, Washington. There he first founded Speedwinds Nutritions, Inc., a nutritional supplements company, about 15 years before founding CBDPure. Montgomery recognized the benefits of CBD in 2016 and used his legal and nutritional-supplement experience to found NutraPure, the parent company of CBDPure.

Montgomery is a member of many credible organizations, including the Hemp Industries Association, where he has played an important role in expanding hemp agriculture legislation in his state. This information is not easily accessible on the website, unfortunately, and you have to do a bit of digging to access it. We love to see as much background information on the website as possible in order to really put a face with the name.

Their Approach

The brand says its hemp is sourced from family farms in Washington and Colorado, and these farms use organic growing practices. They claim to use all-natural ingredients at every step of the way, and use a CO2 method of extraction to formulate the CBD products. CBDPure prides itself on creating the highest-quality CBD products on the market. Their goal truly seems to be to help people and provide them with a plant-based solution.

We love that the third-party lab results are immediately available on the website, and are updated with each new batch produced. The third-party lab results are not the most accessible (they are available through a link on their homepage), but they are there. Many CBD brands do not post their lab results at all, or they only post test results from their labs. We really need to see third-party lab results that are easily accessible to everyone, and we appreciate CBDPure for taking this extra step toward full transparency.

CBDPure: Product Highlights

CBDPure has a diverse product line, offering oils, topicals, capsules and pet products. This is a pretty standard line, and we think it is the perfect size. Sometimes brands will try and be too focused with their product lines and they end up losing a lot of their reach. At other times, they try to cater to everyone and offer a million different products with no clear direction. CBDPure achieves a happy medium.

CBD Oils

CBDPure’s full-spectrum oil comes in three different strengths, and each strength contains 60 mL of oil, which is double the usual size. This oil does not contain any flavoring, which we know is a plus for some people. Many consumers do not want any added ingredients, just the CBD and a carrier oil, so this oil would work well for those who fall into that category.

Because it is a full-spectrum oil, it has a strong and earthy flavor. If this does not appeal to you, it can be easily hidden in food or beverages. Just make sure the food isn’t too hot, as that could make the CBD unstable. This product is available in concentrations of 300 milligrams, 600 milligrams and 1,000 milligrams of CBD. The oils start at $29.99 and go up to $79.99. We definitely find this price point reasonable for a full-spectrum oil!

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a great way to get your CBD without the messiness that comes with an oil. Also, there is no dosing involved. Simply take the pre-dosed capsule and move on with your day. This product is ideal for people on the go, those who may have trouble dosing their CBD by themselves and those who do not like the bitter taste of oil.

The softgels are made with the same full-spectrum CBD as the oil, so you are getting the same thing, just in a capsule form. They are only available in one strength, 25 milligrams per softgel, with 30 in a bottle. This sells for $89.99, which we feel is a little expensive. Normally, capsules/softgels are more expensive because of the convenience, but it does seem that CBDPure hiked these prices as much as they possibly could.

There are no specifications about whether or not this product is vegan, but we are going to assume it isn’t. In our experience, vegan products are normally labeled as such. Softgels and capsules typically use gelatin, a non-vegan ingredient.

CBD Topicals

Like the other products, CBDPure offers just one topical option. It has 250 milligrams of CBD, and is reasonably priced at $39.99. This formula is made with ingredients like white willow bark and menthol. White willow bark boasts anti-inflammatory properties, while the menthol provides a cooling and soothing sensation.[3]

There isn’t an official ingredient list on the website for this product, so we don’t know all of the ingredients. CBDPure guarantees their topical is the best on the market, and insists a pea-sized drop is all you need. We would recommend this topical to those who want to try it.

CBD Pet Products

CBDPure offers a CBD oil for pets and, like many other brands, it is more expensive than the human formula. We don’t like this, as the two formulas are exactly the same. They mark up the pet products though they actually have less CBD than the human formula. This CBD oil retails for $24.99.

We would appreciate seeing a more unique approach to the brand’s pet oil, instead of just replicating the human formula and saying it is for pets. Unfortunately, if there is a difference between the two products, we would have no way of knowing because the official ingredient list is not available.

Our Lab Results

Our goal for writing CBD brand reviews is to be totally honest. We want to give you the information the brand does not, as well as verify their claims. For this reason, every product we sample is sent off to a third-party lab to be tested.

We sent a sample of PureCBD’s 600-milligram full-spectrum CBD oil off for testing. We are pretty satisfied with our results. The most important part of lab results is the CBD content. A brand’s lab results need to match what they put on the label. Generally, a 10 percent variance between the label and the lab results is considered acceptable. The label claims 600 milligrams and our lab results tested out at 660 milligrams, so the brand is within that 10 percent margin of error.

The minor cannabinoid profile, while not the worst we have reviewed, could use a little bit of sprucing up. There was no CBN detected, so not all of the cannabinoids are present. Our results read 42 milligrams of THC, 18 milligrams of CBC and 12 milligrams of CBG. These are great quantities, but if we are being as thorough as possible, it would be great to see the CBC and CBG content be a little bit more proportionate with the THC content. Having said all of this, the full-spectrum formula is excellent, and you will definitely get the entourage effect you are looking for.

Overall, the CBD content is accurate and it is considered a full-spectrum formula, which is the most important thing. Anybody who is looking for a good full-spectrum extract can be comfortable choosing this brand.

Shipping and Returns

CBDPure does not make any claims about shipping or shipping times on their website, but we know they use standard UPS, USPS and third-party shipping. The charges are calculated at checkout, and the company fills orders in all U.S. states.

Their international shipping policy is confusing because, at first, it appeared they did not ship outside of the United States. But upon closer examination, it does look like they ship to the U.K. and Canada. The sentence reads: “We do not ship Internationally outside the United States, Canada, and U.K,” so it was a little confusing at first glance.

We ordered our CBD the same way anybody else would, through standard shipping. We do this because we always want our experience to closely reflect that of the average customer. We put our order in on a Friday, and it was processed in two business days. We got our package in the mail three days later, with a total turnaround time of five business days. This is an average turnaround time: nothing special, but definitely not the slowest shipping time, either.

Something we absolutely love about this brand is their return policy. It is always great to see brands offering a money-back guarantee, as it shows how much they believe in their products. CBDPure takes it up a notch by offering a 90-day return policy. This is an ample amount of time to decide whether or not the brand meets your needs.

We also wanted to mention that our customer-service experience was phenomenal. It took only two hours for a representative to get back to us, and they answered our questions in plenty of detail, yet it was very clear and easy to follow.

Our Verdict on CBDPure

Overall, we are very satisfied with CBDPure. We appreciate the accurate labeling, even though we would like to see more of a minor cannabinoid presence, especially CBN. We can’t really comment more on the quality of the products, because there are no official ingredient lists available on the website. We would love to see CBDPure take this extra step toward full transparency.

Speaking of transparency, the brand does have their third-party lab results available on the website. As we briefly touched on above, many brands do not offer this information. It is common for brands to only provide this information to customers who have purchased their products, so we love to see CBDPure offer it to anybody who is interested. We also love the 90-day return policy and the A+ rating on the BBB.

Regarding the product line, we don’t appreciate the lack of THC-free options. Many people want a broad-spectrum formula, which provides all of the cannabinoids except THC. The brand also doesn’t offer any CBD gummies, which may bother some people.

Ultimately, CBDPure offers a really nice full-spectrum extract and a number of product choices. Plus, some of their prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for a strong and robust full-spectrum product, we recommend CBDPure.


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Published September 27, 2020

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