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NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a bid to improve the quality and availability of information on health-specific cannabis use, industry giant has introduced a team of doctors and health experts to review thousands of topics relating to the use of medical cannabis and CBD for specific health conditions.

The website, which for years has provided a reliable informational resource for medical cannabis patients, believes it is time for cannabis users of all types to have access to trustworthy, research-backed content on specific conditions and ailments.

„There’s no shortage of information out there in terms of using cannabis medicinally,” says WayofLeaf Medical Director Dr. Lynn Marie Morski. „However there is a need for more trustworthy, research-backed information that medical cannabis and CBD users can rely on.”

The medical review team, which is composed of physicians and scientists, is tasked with reviewing the site’s health-related content based on the availability of current clinical and academic research.

„It’s one thing for a company or media outlet to come out and say oh yeah.. cannabis is wonderful for this condition or that condition,” says Dr. Morski. „But how much of this information is backed by actual research or clinical data?”

The underlying objective of the medical review team, Dr. Morski says, is to authenticate (or even refute) claims that are being made about the effects of cannabis and CBD for specific diseases and health conditions.

„What our team is doing,” suggests Dr. Morski, „Is analyzing academic and clinical research to provide a sound, scientific basis for the use of cannabis and CBD for hundreds of different health conditions.”

The website has also rearranged its overall design and layout, allowing readers to conveniently search topics related to the use of cannabis and CBD for a specific ailment or condition. In addition to general article content, the site offers video guides, infographics, and user-friendly interactive tools such as THC and CBD calculators.

Additionally, the site offers a wealth of general information including expert CBD oil guides, brand and product reviews, information on how to obtain medical cannabis cards in various states, and information on how to grow cannabis for personal medicinal use.

To learn more about the WayofLeaf Medical Review Team, or to browse the site’s complete range of doctor-backed health content, visit

Contact: [email protected]

SOURCE WayofLeaf

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