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Jetson’s seasonal probiotics 

Seasonal probiotic developers Jetson released its reformulated probiotic Mood. The product is designed to help with the transition from summer to fall with strains for mood enhancement such as L-Theanine. The Mood Probiotic also features Vitamin D3 and B12 to support Seasonal Affective Disorder and fortify immunity. After hearing feedback, removed melatonin from the formulation and increased DE111 to aid the metabolism and decrease bloating.

The company also launched the Fall and Winter iteration of Jettie, seasonal probiotics for kids and babies.

Jettie Baby and Jettie Kids aim to address the needs of darker, colder, sicker months, while encouraging the development of young microbiomes. Both are colorless, flavorless powders that can be stirred  into milk or water.

Jettie Baby, created for children under two years old, is designed to support immunity, improve sleep and reduce crying time as cold and flu season approaches. Jettie Kids, designed for children between the ages of two and thirteen, also aims to reduce anxiety as the season changes. Key ingredients of Jettie Fall/Winter are chamomile flower, D3: HMO (Jettie Baby), bifidobacterium infantis VK2 (Jettie Baby), L-theanine (Jettie Kids), rhodiola root extract (Jettie Kids) and bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04.

The products are sold on wearejetson.com​ and Amazon. Mood is $35/month and the Jettie products are $25/month. 

NXT Water launches AKESO Hemp Powered Hydration

NXT Water announces the official launch of AKESO Hemp Powered Hydration, the company’s new 12mg broad spectrum CBD water. The beverage integrates hemp-derived CBD and electrolytes in 100% pure still water with zero calories, flavor or sugar. 

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