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FORT LUPTON, Colo. – PureHemp Technology LLC, a vertically integrated industrial hemp products manufacturer, announced an exciting partnership with New Age Nanotech LLC to produce a new line of high-quality, premium water-soluble CBD products. The new line will launch during October under the Pure Kind Botanicals brand and will include four flavored tinctures and six topical products.

CBD extracts, along with the other cannabinoids found in agricultural hemp, are oils and therefore do not mix well with water. By improving water solubility, cannabinoids like CBD can be formulated into beverages and topical products with improved absorption capabilities allowing for quicker and more effective delivery into the human body.



PureHemp has teamed up with New Age Nanotech to develop and launch PureHemp’s water-soluble CBD products created with New Age Nanotech’s proprietary delivery technology, SOLUTECH. PureHemp‘s high-quality cannabinoid-rich oil is converted into SOLUTECH using New Age Nanotech’s patented process and formulas to provide a stable liquid and pharmaceutical-grade formulation, which can be customized for a variety of bioactive cannabis extracts.

SOLUTECH is unique because it is backed by extensive clinical research, including a pioneering Phase I human clinical trial for cannabinoids. The Phase I trial is currently underway with Health Canada, and final results are expected by end of 2020. Early research on SOLUTECH showed dramatically increased speed of absorption and increased bioavailability.

The potency of CBD beverages and edibles is usually measured in milligrams per serving, but this does not mean that the equivalent amount of cannabinoids is absorbed and available to our body’s endo-cannabinoid system. The primary challenge with CBD beverages and edibles is that they generally have very low bioavailability due to poor absorption. Given the overall absorption benefits of PureHemp’s new line of water-soluble products with SOLUTECH, consumers are expected to enjoy faster and increased effects compared to oil-based products containing an equivalent amount of CBD extract.

The associated and amplified CBD health and wellness benefits of water-soluble CBD can be experienced in a wide variety of beverages, tinctures and skin care products. In addition to tinctures, the Pure Kind Botanicals water-soluble line will include Sun and Wind Lotion, Soothe Relief Lotion, Micellar Water, Facial Serum, Bath Salts and an Overnight Nighttime Face Cream.

For more information about the launch, visit www.purekindbotanicals.com

PureHemp’s founder and CEO, Ed Lehrburger, noted the diversity of different water-soluble technologies. “PureHemp searched the world for the best and most effective water-soluble delivery solutions”, he said. “After evaluating 15 different technologies, it became clear that New Age Nanotech’s water-soluble process is superior to all other technologies we vetted. PureHemp has been conducting its own extended shelf life testing of the SOLUTECH water-soluble products and we are impressed by their superior shelf stability”, he said.

The inventor of SOLUTECH and New Age Nanotech’s CEO, Dr. Volker Berl, holds over 60 patents including over 30 in delivery technologies. “As consumer trends evolve and the demand increases for safe, novel and more sophisticated CBD products, Pure Kind Botanicals is offering what may be the fastest-acting, most bioavailable water-soluble products available today. Through clinical research on SOLUTECH, we have demonstrated its superior applicability for CBD products including beverages, edibles and topicals, and guarantee 1-year shelf-stability with crystal clarity for beverages”, he said. “New Age Nanotech is extremely excited to team up with PureHemp to formulate, manufacture and market premium, proprietary water-soluble products for discerning consumers in the expanding cannabis products market”

About PureHemp Technology
PureHemp is a privately owned, vertically integrated industrial hemp processor. In addition to processing hemp stalks, the company has been actively involved in growing organic hemp, extracting cannabinoids from the flowers, and producing premium CBD-infused products under the Pure Kind Botanicals brand. PureHemp’s manufacturing facility is fully GMP compliant along with having USDA Certified Organic status. PureHemp has been processing industrial hemp stalks since 2014 using their advanced CCR-based biorefining technology to rapidly deconstruct hemp stalks into value-added products such as pulps to produce paper products and hemp-based sugars to produce bioplastics. See www.PureHempTech.com for more information on PureHemp, and their advanced biorefining innovation.

About New Age Nanotech
New Age Nanotech is enabling the world’s most innovative, clinically backed, and consumer-focused products to improve health and wellness through SOLUTECH, the company’s flagship water-soluble delivery technology. New Age Nanotech is dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative, convenient and controlled-dose cannabis-enriched products that appeal to the evolving needs of their consumers. For inquiries contact New Age Nanotech at [email protected].



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