Friday Book Club: Cannabis Is Medicine – Green Market Report

The wonderful myriad of potential medical applications of cannabis/hemp is less and less of a secret so it is very welcome to see more quality content brought into the world that helps to educate people as to how marijuana can bring healthier lifestyles and pain relief to the world.

All the better when the content presented from a reliable source such as a medical doctor who possesses a genuine passion and desire to see people live better quality lives by intelligently leveraging the power of cannabis.

Dr. Bonni Golstein has put in some serious research and work into this book so let’s see just what we have in store here for us!

-Topic Focus-

Here you can find solid information regarding how to identify quality cannabis products and how to best utilize them, how we can live healthier lives by utilizing cannabis, an enlightening breakdown of the current state of medical research and knowledge pertaining to marijuana, an exploration of medical issues that can be relieved by cannabis use, and so much more.

This book is put together by an expert that clearly is familiar with a deeper level of knowledge on the topic of cannabis use in the medical field and the quality of the education gained from this book makes that apparent.

The focus on the medicinal applications of cannabis makes this book a great read for medical professionals and potential patients alike who might be struggling with some condition that could be alleviated by cannabis use.

About the Author

The author of “Cannabis is Medicine”, Dr. Bonni Goldstein is a medical doctor who has years and years of experience researching and treating patients by utilizing the medicinal aspects of cannabis.

Her passion for alleviating the discomforts, pains, and suffering of patients partially stems from her experience as a pediatric ER doctor and seeing her own mother suffer needlessly when cannabis could have been used to treat her issues.

Dr. Goldstein now strives to spread the message of how cannabis can improve the quality of life for many by engaging in public speaking as well as putting together content that demonstrates the precise scientific data regarding just how accessible a better life can be through intelligent cannabis use. Dr. Goldstein is the owner and medical director of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education and medical advisor to

-Reading Experience-

There is much to gain here for the aficionado, medical professionals, and anyone who might be looking to explore their own options for how cannabis might lift them from their own pains and discomforts.

The beginning of “Cannabis is Medicine” grants the reader a look into the philosophy and perspective of what drives Dr. Goldstein to put together such a comprehensive guide to the world of medical cannabis usage.

This book also possesses a guide after the foreward to help you navigate the content and get what you need from it. The examination of the current science is fascinating as it is enlightening and the content covering how to identify ideal cannabis products is genuinely useful.


Dr. Bonni Goldstein does a fantastic job of putting together a solid compendium of science regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana in a way that is revealing and accessible to those of us who lack her medical expertise.

The book flows well from her own personal experiences and perspectives right into the scientific and medical content in a way that keeps this book both interesting and enlightening. The range of topics touched upon is very much welcomed as they are all genuinely useful and eye-opening about how we can bring a higher quality of for ourselves and the people in our lives by exploring the medical applications of cannabis.

Start your own education regarding cannabis and the possible medical benefits by getting your copy here:

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