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An industry leader in white label CBD services, The Hemp Plug (THP), has recently shifted focus to their private label CBD service, optimizing their product customization service. As part of their revamp, THP has added a new team dedicated solely to private label CBD services. This team is responsible for facilitating communications between the lab and business in order to reduce production time.

Through their efforts, THP has reduced the CBD product creation process from consultation to completion by 40 percent.

Along with an improved production time, businesses that have not traditionally had the means to test and manufacture new concepts now have the ability to lean on THP’s expertise and resources to create proprietary products that can be sold exclusively by their brands.

With the industry still growing, private label CBD services make it possible for brands to develop new and exciting niche products that stand out among the more common offerings of CBD oils, edibles, and smokables.

„At THP, we’re in the business of helping CBD brands find success in the industry. With our revamped private label CBD services, we can help our clients cash in on first-mover advantage with their original concepts, collaborating on never-before-seen products with custom ingredients, flavors, and packaging. We’re excited to see how these new and out-of-the-box ideas can shape the future of the industry.” said Adam Levy, CEO of The Hemp Plug.

Emerging CBD businesses have traditionally turned to white label solutions to get started. However, with a more efficient private label CBD solution, brands can now target less saturated markets with proprietary products, without the long lead time.

In addition to helping brands build their custom CBD concepts, THP also provides its clients with assistance navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the CBD industry by ensuring their products are third-party lab tested to meet all standards and regulations.

About The Hemp Plug: As America’s premier white and private label CBD manufacturer and turnkey services provider, THP offers the widest variety of CBD products in the industry, boasting over 10,000 variations. Their seed-to-shelf business model secures them as a full-service partner, assisting with the creation of high-quality CBD products, as well as branding, fulfillment, and business development services. Controlling the process in this way has allowed them to help over 500 companies launch and grow their brands while grossing over 7.4 million USD in sales since the beginning of 2019. THP is part of Nature Consulting, focused on building successful, turnkey CBD and hemp extract businesses along the entire supply chain.

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About Nature Consulting: Nature Consulting is a publicly-traded company (OTC Symbol: TNRG)  that provides CBD & hemp extraction high-quality products, comprehensive services, and a process you can trust.

With over $5.2 million in sales, as of June 2020, the company is uniquely positioned to expand its vertical operations to grow substantially over the coming months, providing an excellent opportunity for turning capital investment into profit.

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