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Despite the recent success of low-THC cannabis flowers, there are still many skeptics of the smokable hemp “fad.” Many of these critics fail to distinguish between industrial-grade and premium high-CBD smokable hemp. Examined closely, there is a world of difference in flower quality between these two hemp variants.

Put bluntly, industrial hemp is grown for mass not quality. Therefore farmers produce industrial hemp for…well, industrial purposes. From plastic and paper to concrete and car fuel, hemp has many uses across various sectors. So understandably industrial farmers are most concerned with producing plants that yield the highest quantity of hemp imaginable for those purposes.

But when hemp is produced for human consumption, professional cultivators are more concerned with producing the highest quality hemp flower for a growing number of consumers. Unlike tightly-packed industrial hemp fields, expert cultivators give high-CBD hemp the space required to grow profound buds with complex and fragrant aromatics. Essentially, hemp flower is being cultivated with all of the same care and attention of it’s higher THC cousins. Online companies like Cannaflower’s are forging a whole new low THC market for cannabis consumers in all 50 states with buds that impress on the eyes and the nose every bit as much as medical grade cannabis. 

Although hemp is often associated with its industrial uses, it’s important to remember that botanists didn’t create the term “hemp.” Indeed, the distinction between “hemp” and “marijuana” is primarily a matter of legalese. Essentially, the genetics all come from 

By law, hemp must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. But in reality, both marijuana and hemp are cannabis plants where when professional farming techniques are applied, produce high-quality buds.

With the understanding that smokable hemp can be produced at the highest quality, the question remains,  why would people want to smoke a low-THC, high-CBD hemp joint?

There are many reasons people love smoking low-THC buds. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of smoking high-quality hemp is you can enjoy the experience without the intoxicating “high” sensation associated with traditional marijuana. 

High-CBD hemp is an ideal choice for people who enjoy a morning smoke but don’t want the psychoactive effects of traditional marijuana to interfere with workplace productivity or just want to relax without losing their step. In fact, depending on particular strains, hemp has shown that it can, in some cases, bolster your  performance at home or at work.

Professional botanists and cannabis breeders routinely create novel hemp hybrids on an almost weekly basis. A quick look through Cannaflower’s hemp flower portfolio gives a remarkable sense of the type of innovative creativity that is happening in today’s hemp industry.

With the wide variety of high-quality hemp strains currently available, customers can enjoy a plethora of flavors and effects without worrying about THC overload. Whether you’re a novice or a “cannasseur”, you’ll enjoy exploring the wide variety strain profiles now on offer.

Perhaps the most interesting reason people are smoking hemp buds—and something that will have a profound effect on the hemp industry—is that smoking hemp is increasingly being used as a cigarette alternative. New surveys suggest a growing number of smokers have turned to hemp joints to replace nicotine. In addition, many vapers are switching to CBD e-juices rather than products containing nicotine.

To be clear, there is no evidence that CBD helps reduce nicotine addiction. Although scientists are studying this issue, it will take some time to understand how CBD affects addiction patients.

Still, it’s clear the demand for low-THC buds is growing in the cigarette smoking community. To help customers who want a nicotine-free alternative, Cannaflower now produces convenient pre-wrapped hemp joints made from top-shelf strains that burn smoothly and come in stylish packaging.

All these positive factors for smokable hemp indicate that low-THC flowers have a very robust future. We predict that it’s just a matter of time before high-CBD flowers like the ones Cannaflower produces will soon share shelf space in traditional marijuana dispensaries.

As more people experience Cannaflower’s high-quality hemp flower, we consistently hear feedback on the enjoyment of our flavors and the beneficial relaxing effects these buds offer. As we see it, low-THC hemp smoking is not only an evolution, but also a cannabis industry revolution.

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