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WINDERMERE, Fla., Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing a new form of one of the tastiest ways to take CBD oil: vegan CBD gummies! BulKanna bulk hemp and CBD supplier has now added a vegan option to our customizable CBD gummy lines, now available for bulk and wholesale purchase!

BulKanna supplies budding CBD product companies across the United States with high quality finished products and can even help you design & build your own gummy brand!

What Makes Our Vegan CBD Gummies Different?
„All BulKanna gummies are fully infused with CBD,” says president Brandon Manikowski. „BulKanna does not spray on the CBD like most of the CBD gummies on the market. Our infused gummies hold their potency of CBD, unlike gummies that are sprayed (which is just like it sounds) where the CBD might be wiped away or come off before they are consumed.”

BulKanna gummies come with a wide selection of customization options. Choose from 3 different base extracts, depending on how much THC you want in your gummies: Full Spectrum (containing less than 0.3% of THC as permitted by the 2018 Farm Bill), Broad Spectrum, and Pure Isolate (which both contain absolutely no THC).

BulKanna gummies come in a standard square shape, marked „CBD” on the top, but can also be molded into custom shapes upon request. In addition to our vegan option, clients can also choose single flavor or assorted flavor options, added vitamins and cannabinoids, sugar-coated, and even sour-sugar gummies.

Our vegan gummies are all made in the USA in our FDA-registered GMP facility, following all compliance regulations. They are also made with 100% USA grown hemp, and test for compliance at third party laboratories. We produce the highest quality hemp and CBD, for our delectable, chewy gummies enjoyed throughout the U.S.

Creating Custom Gummy Orders Isn’t All We Do
Not only does BulKanna supply small CBD businesses with products for their brand, but they also help build their business as an entity. „BulKanna will help you create your own gummy brand from an idea to something greater,” explains Tamar Hill, CEO of BulKanna. „Our services include design, manufacturing, bottle labeling, and quality control. Then we send you a finished product ready for your customers to purchase.”

Gummies are one of the fastest growing products in the CBD space, and can be marketed to customers in a variety of ways. BulKanna vegan CBD gummies can be customized with certain functions in mind, such boosting energy, improving sleep, or building immunity, depending on the goals of your brand. It’s all up to you!

To learn more about these products visit https://www.bulkanna.com/cbd-gummies/. For business, supply or white label inquiries contact [email protected].

About BulKanna
BulKanna supplies premium bulk hemp products from seeds to biomass to full spectrum extract. BulKanna’s organic growing standards, compliant and stringent third-party laboratory testing and entire lifecycle support to its clients mark its dedication as a leader in the B2B industry and in promoting the value of quality hemp worldwide.

Brandon Manikowski
[email protected]


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