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A wide range of non-intoxicating cannabinoids have burst into popularity over the past few years. Mainstream acceptance of CBD initiated an avalanche of interest in CBG, and now eyes are turning to CBN, one of the most hyped and least understood Cannabis sativa compounds. Join us as we discuss the five most compelling reasons that CBN should be on your radar.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of the hundreds of naturally occurring cannabinoids that are present in cannabis. This cannabinoid is so new that it should only be sourced from trusted, high quality, hemp suppliers like GVB Biopharma. Efforts are underway to produce CBN-rich forms of hemp, but at present, this cannabinoid is usually converted from THC.

If you take a close look at the word “cannabinol,” you’ll see that it lines up significantly with “delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol,” the full name of THC. Unlike THC, cannabinol isn’t intoxicating, but it is structurally similar to THC, which means that some of the benefits these cannabinoids exert might overlap.

While scientists have known about CBN since the early 1930s, the status of cannabinol research remains lamentably undeveloped. Regardless, we’ve learned a few very interesting facts regarding this cannabinoid that may make CBN just as popular as CBD within a few short years.

1. It’s non-intoxicating like CBD.

The first thing you should know about CBN is that, like CBD, this cannabinoid is non-intoxicating. CBN won’t make you high and this cannabinoid also doesn’t appear to be addictive. Most people who have tried CBN report that this cannabinoid offers relaxing effects similar to those produced by CBD. 

2. It’s being investigated for a variety of potential benefits.

While it’s similar to CBD in many ways, CBN is currently being researched for potential benefits that might firmly set this cannabinoid apart from all other hemp compounds. For instance, research into the sleep-inducing potential of CBN has been widely publicized. Further studies will need to be conducted, however, to determine if CBN is actually capable of helping with insomnia or improving sleep health.

CBN has also been studied for its potential ability to prevent or treat neurodegenerative conditions, and scientists have been keen to get to the bottom of this cannabinoid’s potential antimicrobial properties. All in all, CBN is a prime target of cannabinoid research, and this research appears to describe CBN as a uniquely desirable Cannabis sativa compound.

3. It might mimic some of the benefits of THC.

Emerging out of the black market and into mainstream society with the nation’s first medical marijuana programs in the 1990s, THC is rapidly becoming more and more popular among American adults from all walks of life. While there are many aspects of THC that might be desirable, this cannabinoid isn’t without its share of drawbacks. As a result, cannabis scientists are keen to identify compounds that might provide the same benefits as THC while remaining non-intoxicating and non-addictive.

Due to its close chemical resemblance to THC, CBN is a prime target of these efforts. For instance, CBN has been researched for its potential appetite-inducing and nausea-reducing effects. Since reducing nausea and increasing appetite are the main reasons that medical marijuana was originally prescribed to cancer patients enduring chemotherapy, cannabis scientists are intent on learning whether CBN might be able to provide the same effects without getting you high.

4. It’s available in isolate form.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in offering CBN to their customers, it’s a relief to hear that CBN is available in isolate form. Isolated cannabinoid extracts have a variety of unique benefits, and premier cannabinoid suppliers like GVB Biopharma have started making high-quality CBN isolate available to aspiring cannabinol brands.

One of the primary advantages of CBN isolate is that it does not contain detectable concentrations of THC. While THC may be beneficial in certain contexts, many hemp producers want to remove this cannabinoid as thoroughly as possible from their end products, and CBN isolate makes this goal a reality while still delivering the unique benefits of cannabinol.

Cannabinoid isolates are also remarkably easy to work with, and they work well together. For instance, it’s relatively simple and inexpensive to combine isolated forms of CBN, CBG, CBD, or other cannabinoids to provide the potential benefits of the entourage effect without involving THC.

5. It might contribute to the entourage effect.

According to the latest research, individual cannabinoids may exert more powerful effects when they are used together. This theorized cannabinoid synergy is called the entourage effect, and including CBN in products that also contain other cannabinoids may activate the entourage effect in new and unique ways.

First discovered due to a drop-off in the effectiveness of isolated cannabinoids administered in high doses, the entourage effect may make products that are high in CBN more effective when other cannabinoids are included in the mix as well. Perhaps even more impressively, just a small amount of CBN isolate added to hemp extract that’s high in other cannabinoids may improve the effects of these main cannabinoids. Every strain of Cannabis sativa includes at least a tiny amount of CBN, and reintroducing this substance into cannabinoid isolates or other forms of hemp extract may revitalize their natural effectiveness.

Experience the Power of CBN Today

Now that you have an idea of the reasons you should keep an eye out for the latest CBN research and news, it’s time to experience this cannabinoid for yourself and share it with others. While CBN remains relatively rare within the hemp market, certain intrepid cannabinoid producers, such as GVB Biopharma, now offer high-quality CBN extracts and white label CBN products.

It’s the perfect time to explore everything that CBN has to offer and start sharing this cannabinoid with the world. Within a few years, CBN will have attained a practically unimaginable level of popularity, but right now, demand for this cannabinoid exceeds the rate that dependable CBN products are entering the market. Next-generation cannabinoid white labelers like GVB Biopharma can help you position yourself on the ground floor of this rapidly growing hemp submarket.

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