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NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Reputable cannabis industry website has compiled a top-to-bottom list of what it believes to be the best selections for this year’s industry-wide Black Friday CBD sale, which runs (for most companies) from November 25th to December 3rd.

As a dizzyingly popular time of year for CBD purchases, the longstanding website believes its selections will help consumers choose safe, effective CBD products and avoid the barrage of poor quality options that are currently on the market.

„We’re still seeing tons of products out there that are either poorly made, or contain inaccurate amounts of CBD compared to what’s listed on the label,” says WayofLeaf Content Director Dylan Baker. „The idea of this list is pretty straightforward; we want to see folks spending their money on authentic, well-made products when they’re shopping during this big Black Friday CBD event. We don’t want to see them wasting money on the poor quality stuff. Which, believe me, there is plenty of out there.”

While the legalization of hemp back in 2018 saw an increase in the amount of CBD products available on the U.S. market, lack of industry-wide regulation means many customers are still finding it tough to find CBD they can trust – as well as CBD that they feel comfortable ordering online. Longstanding websites like WayofLeaf, among several others in the industry, are making an effort to offer support when and where they can.

„It really does come down to the simple goal of wanting to help folks that are feeling totally overwhelmed with all the different choices and products available,” says Baker. „Our team reviews countless numbers of products each year; the list we put together for this season makes up what are, in our opinion, the most authentic CBD products out there currently.”

To read WayofLeaf’s complete list of Black Friday CBD selections – as well as to find out the various criteria that were used to rank and select each product – readers can simply visit the official WayofLeaf site. WayofLeaf has also made it a point to highlight and include all Black Friday CBD coupons that are available from the various brands they’ve selected.

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