CBD is A-OK: Dripping Springs produces first hemp crop since new law – Hays Free Press

by David White

2020 is going to be a year of firsts, including Texas’ first certified hemp crops. According to Illisa Nolan, executive director of the recently formed Texas Hemp Coalition, 5,500 acres have been set aside for hemp production in Texas just this year as a result of House Bill 1325 that allowed for the legal production of hemp in the state.

For those wondering what exactly hemp is, it is a low potency, non-psychoactive form of cannabis (marijuana) that has many industrial uses. The oils have medicinal and homeopathic uses, the stalks can be used to make textiles and building products, the seeds can be used for livestock feed and the list goes on.

Just south of Dripping Springs on RR 12, Aaron Owens, owner of Tejas Hemp just harvested two acres of the cash crop. He got interested in growing hemp when CBD became legal in Texas for medicinal purposes. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is the second most prevalent active ingredients in cannabis after THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol – the psychoactive chemical that gets consumers high.

Owens became inspired to pursue his place in the CBD/hemp market when he shared his product with a friend in the panhandle that made saddles. The saddle maker had Parkinsons and the CBD oil substantially relieved the symptoms of his disease. CBD oil, in addition to a pain reliever, can be used in lotions and sleeping/calming aids.
While Owens would like to eventually grow for more industrial uses, he says right now, at the onset, he’s only concentrating on CBD oils and hemp flower because the infrastructure is not in place for all the other uses yet in Texas.

Owens says he’s providing a “boutique” experience for CBD customers by growing high quality hemp organically and extracting the oil with a patented process used by a company that he uses in Colorado. It’s an extraction that doesn’t use any chemical, unlike most processes that use ethanol or CO2, and it doesn’t damage any of the chemical elements in the plant. It costs a little more than other mass produced CBD products, but it’s a difference discerning consumers will appreciate.

Tejas Hemp products can be bought online at TejasHemp.com and at Trulevia, a dispensary that sells CBD products on Old Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs.

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