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It is a common fact that people need to eat. We use food to nourish our body and supply it with the essential vitamins and nutrients found in food to live healthily. Food supplies the body with energy to survive. But a lot of marijuana users, recreational or medicinal, claim that marijuana makes you hungry. Marijuana and the effect of having the munchies have always been associated together. But among the 2 varieties of marijuana strain, some claim that Indica makes you hungry, however, it is the Sativa strain that stimulates the appetite, and they are known to be efficient in the stimulation.

Why do People feel hungry?

            This is a scientific attempt to explain why people feel hungry so hang on! Simply put it is the brain that triggers hunger in people. Our body senses if there is either an excess or decrease of energy stored in the body. A hormone called ghrelin is released and this hormone stimulates the brain to tell you that there is a lack of energy stored in your body, thus the brain now increases your sensation for hunger. Everything is reversed when there is an abundance of energy stored in your body. So what is the association between weed and being hungry? The mental stimulation of being hungry is usually a trick of the mind. You simply associate weed and hunger. This plus your enhanced olfactory sense makes food taste much better.

Your Body and Sense of Smell are enhanced by Weed

The effect of weed on being hungry may have scientific evidence. THC is a natural appetite stimulant. Especially for cancer patients who suffer the loss of appetite caused by the medication they have to take, medical cannabis is often prescribed as an option to increase the appetite of the patient. Its THC content stimulates areas of the brain which make the patient want to eat.

But it is the preconceived idea lingering in your subconscious that associates weed with having the munchies that stimulate the user’s mind. Especially the recreational users. This association is already buried inside the user’s mind that it will be difficult to erase especially if he is using a strain that increases the user’s focus. Aside from the preconceived notion of associating weed and hunger, marijuana usually enhances your sense of smell and taste, thus when munching down on a burger, that normal burger usually has an enhanced smell and taste thus making the user want more and order another burger. This happens even if your stored energies are adequate to last you the day.

The THC in marijuana is responsible for those crazy food binges

. THC targets the olfactory part of your brain and stimulates you to feel hunger, even if you are full. Scientific studies back this claim. This was experimented with using mice. Upon introduction of THC in the body and brain, the neurons which shut down when someone is full get activated again, making the user feel hungry. Another study showed that THC enhances the taste of sucrose (sugar) but shuts down salty and bitter stimulants, this explains why when high, there is an immense craving to have sorting sweet. A box or two of doughnuts perhaps?

 People have long been using medical marijuana as a medicinal option to treat patients with eating disorders. Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana us are the disorders anorexia and Wasting syndrome or the unwanted loss of weight that has lasted for more than 30 days. But, there is no guarantee that everyone will get the munchies once marijuana is consumed. have different systems and these systems react differently when THC is introduced to their body. But generally, THC induced patients or recreational users get that hunger pang when using marijuana. So if you are craving those sweet munchies, make your online order now and get the marijuana seeds you feel is best for you!

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