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CORONA, Calif. — Leading U.S.-based CBD brand CBD Living today announced the release of brand-new product labels, redesigned to make shopping for CBD Living products online and in-store easier than ever before. Every CBD Living product will now be categorized into one of five categories — Calming, Energy, Immunity, Relief and Sleep — based on the health benefit it most closely aligns with.

In addition, each bottle will clearly state the product features (such as gluten-free or vegan) in chrome-colored circles as well as the number of units in each bottle, and how many milligrams of CBD each individual unit (such as a gummy or gel cap) contains.

The new labels will also clearly underscore the high-tech proprietary manufacturing process that was utilized to create the product — CBD Living’s Skin Retention Technology, Water Soluble Technology or Self-Emulsifying Technology. You can learn more about each of these advanced production techniques by clicking here.

“People typically turn to CBD because they have a particular problem they are trying to solve, be it anxiety, insomnia or pain,” said COO Sean McDonald. “By highlighting the product benefits right on the label, we hope to make it faster and easier for customers to find the perfect item for them.”

CBD Living products are sold nationwide in over 5,000 stores. Click here to find a retail location near you. All products are also sold online, with free shipping to all US states on orders over $75.

For more information on CBD Living, please visit www.cbdliving.com. For sample requests, please contact media@cbdliving.com.

About CBD Living

CBD Living is one of the fastest-growing global cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers and distributors, with more than 100 products in 5,000 stores and shipping to consumers worldwide. CBD Living’s prestigious in-house scientists break down CBD into nanoparticles, allowing the CBD to pass through the blood membrane for enhanced absorption. This proprietary technique leads to up to 90 percent bioavailability, compared to 10-15 percent bioavailability when consumed in a traditional CBD product. From the original CBD Living Water product to CBD gummies, chocolates, freezes, tinctures, bath bombs, teas, coffees and more, CBD Living is constantly innovating to bring the future of CBD to consumers today. For more information, please visit www.cbdliving.com.

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