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During the last couple of years, the number of CBD businesses has increased significantly. On top of that, the variety of CBD products has also advanced due to the ever-growing demand for high-quality cannabidiol goods. While you could only imagine CBD capsules and tinctures a few years ago, the current CBD market comprises a wide range of CBD products, including capsules, extracts, edibles, topicals, CBD flower for smoking, and CBD cartridges for vaping. 

Although every single CBD product has its unique characteristics and perks, CBD pre-rolls are among the most popular options with tons of health benefits. Keep in mind that you should purchase pure CBD products that have been tested for THC content. Due to the lack of regulations, it is pretty challenging to find the product with the same exact composition as mentioned on the label. 

To make your experience with smoking CBD prerolls even more enjoyable and safe, I would recommend you to order CBD pre rolls at, the foremost CBD shop owned by reputable UFC fighters, Nick and Nate Diaz. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of CBD Pre Rolls?

No matter how beneficial the product is, you should always consider some pros and cons before consumption. And CBD pre rolls are no exception. Before listing the advantages and disadvantages of hemp prerolls, let’s discuss what a CBD preroll is and why you might want to smoke it. 

What Is a CBD Preroll?

A CBD preroll is a machine-rolled or hand-rolled cone filled with high-CBD hemp flower crushed into smaller pieces. While most CBD products (except for full-spectrum CBD goods) do not contain THC, pre-rolled CBD joints still consist of trace amounts of THC. Therefore, if you do not want even the smallest amounts of psychoactive THC to end up entering your system, avoid smoking CBD prerolls and refer to other THC-free CBD products, such as edibles, topicals, or capsules. 

The Pros of Smoking a CBD Preroll

  • Helps with pain relief;
  • Assists with various sleep disorders;
  • Decrease the levels of stress and anxiety;
  • An ideal nicotine-free alternative to regular cigarettes;
  • Can be used for replacing a cigarette for tobacco smokers;
  • CBD prerolls are relatively affordable than other CBD products on the market;
  • The effect is achieved much faster since CBD enters your lungs and is transferred to the bloodstream in just a couple of minutes;
  • By smoking CBD prerolls, your system absorbs a higher percentage of the product (about 56%), while by orally consuming CBD you only get approximately 13% of it;
  • Trace amounts of THC in CBD prerolls leads to the entourage effect.

The Cons of Smoking a CBD Preroll

  • A small amount of THC might not be desirable for specific individuals;
  • Is not recommended to use if you are taking prescribed medication;
  • Smoking is bad for your lungs, even if you smoke high-quality CBD prerolls;
  • Inhaling toxins can severely damage the cells.

The Best CBD Pre Roll Strains on

After tons of experiments conducted on hemp seeds, farmers discovered hundreds (maybe even thousands) of different CBD strains. While some people think that the strains only influence the flavor and aroma of the product, they actually impact the physiological effects as well. 

The way farmers create new strains is by altering the terpene levels in the plants. In fact, terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for the flavor, aroma, and physiological characteristics of CBD products. 

If you are looking for the best CBD preroll strains, GameUpNutrition offers a wide variety of great strains you should definitely try. 

The best CBD strains by reviews include:

  • Elektra – with deep hints of citrus fruit and chocolate, Elektra CBD prerolls are especially useful for improving sleep quality and relaxation. This terpene-rich strain is characterized by a unique and intense flavor. (15.1% CBD and 0.2% THC).
  • White CBG – the strain offers fresh plant smell and spicy hints with intense flavor. This low-THC strain is perfect for anxiety, nausea, and arthritis. (13.6% CBG and 0.05% THC).
  • Special Sauce – if you lack motivation and suffer from severe body aches, Special Sauce is the right strain for you. With a berry flavor and sweet aromas, Special Sauce helps you deal with anxiety during the day. (15.1% CBD and 0.22% THC).
  • Sour Space Candy – along with dealing with pain, stress, and depression, Sour Space Candy strain promotes energetic feelings. The strain has strong citrus and tropical fruit flavors. (12.2% CBD and 0.13% THC).
  • Hawaiian Haze – if you are more into floral flavors, the Hawaiian Haze strain is the best option. The strain is ideal for uplifting daytime motivation and can also be used during social events. (14.2% CBD and 0.13% THC).
  • Frosted Lime – this is the strain with the highest CBD content from the list. The Sativa-dominant hybrid promotes creative thinking and makes your day much more productive. The strain is appreciated by individuals enjoying the citrus aroma. (16.6% CBD and 0.14% THC).
  • Cherry Limeade – with deep tones of cherry and citrus flavors, Cherry Limeade strain uplifts your daytime mood and makes you feel much more energetic. (13.6% CBD and 0.25% THC).

Why Are the Game Up Nutrition Pre Rolled CBD Joints the Best Options on the Market?

As a matter of fact, Game Up Nutrition is a leading CBD shop that offers a wide variety of high-quality CBD products. But if you wonder why the GameUpNutrition prerolled CBD pre rolls are the best options available on the market, here are some reasons for you. 

  • First of all, Game Up Nutrition is a CBD shop founded by two prominent UFC fighters, Nick and Nate Diaz. And this makes the company even more trustworthy. Here is a short video clip of how Nate Diaz works out and smokes a CBD pre roll from Gameupnutrition before the fight at UFC 241; More Ufc fighters have been speaking about the benefits of CBD in their training and recovery.
  • The products are made using the highest-quality hemp flower;
  • Hemp flower is organically grown;
  • Vegan-friendly cones are machine-rolled;
  • The company shares certificates of analysis showing cannabinoids test results;
  • High-CBD pre rolls on are affordable. The price of a single CBD joint preroll starts at $9.99. 

What Else Does GameUpNutrition Offer?

While GameUpNutrition CBD prerolls are extremely popular worldwide, the shop offers some other CBD products that are worth purchasing. Some of the best-seller products available on are listed below. 

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