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Since launching in 2016, dosist has built one of the most trusted brands in the regulated THC channel, providing natural options for some of our most common ailments through dose-controlled targeted cannabis formulas. Today, the brand is recognized globally for the overall efficacy, consistency and transparency of its products, which now include the advanced new CBD formats.

„While CBD is a quickly growing category there continues to be a significant lack of science-based products that are built on performance, quality and transparency,” stated Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist. „Our new products intend to change that by targeting the three biggest need states affecting 71 percent of Americans who use CBD today, pain, anxiety and sleep (Gallup 2020), with our proprietary nano technology backed by safety and trust.” 

The progressive new product line provides consumers with a range of dosist-engineered high concentration cbd+ formulas that are faster acting and provide targeted benefits, all at a cost of less than $1 per dose. It starts with relief thc-free by dosist, an all-natural wellness tool designed  to help accelerate the recovery process for athletes at all performance levels. Featuring CBD and CBG cannabinoids the formula helps muscle relief and soreness.

Next is dosist’s proprietary sleep thc-free formula, created with CBN, a minor cannabinoid found only in trace amounts yet when isolated helps with sleep-promoting effects that active and productive consumers need at night to help perform the next day.

Finally, calm thc-free actively combines CBD with CBG, the cannabinoid best known for helping fight anxiety and inflammation. This ratio of cannabinoids helps consumers feel relaxed and centered when it counts the most, and is popular among athletes, creatives, executives and more. All dosist thc-free formulas are backed by the brand’s proprietary fast-acting formulation technology and dose controlled delivery formats, providing the consumer key targeted benefits with a consistent and repeatable experience. And because they are designed to have no THC content, dosist thc-free products can be used and enjoyed anywhere hemp-derived products are allowed.

dosist thc-free products are available to order now online at, the company’s first ever direct to consumer platform. Starting this week, the products will also be available at select retailers in California, including Fred Segal, Earthbar and Project Juice, as the brand embarks on its national retail rollout.

„We are incredibly fortunate to have people come from around the world to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Denver or Las Vegas to purchase our THC products,” continued Gunner Winston. „With our e-commerce launch we can now serve consumers directly for the first time, bringing dosist thc-free to homes nationwide across the US with the goal of adding international countries soon. We are thrilled to bring these products and platform to life online and in stores today.”

Product details & pricing:

  • relief thc-free™ – MSRP $39, A 5:1 cbd:cbg ratio formula designed to help with aches and pains. Contains 900mg of cannabinoid content per bottle, and 15mg per dose; 60 doses per drop.
  • sleep thc-free™ – MSRP $39, A 5:1 cbd:cbn ratio formula designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep naturally. Contains 900mg of cannabinoid content per bottle and 15mg per dose; 60 doses per dose drop.
  • calm thc-free™ – MSRP $39, A 10:1 cbd:cbg ratio formula designed to help relax your mind and body. Contains 825mg of cannabinoid content per bottle and 13.75mg per dose; 60 doses per dose drop.  

For more information about products and availability please visit and follow @dosistthcfree on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

About dosist 

dosist™, based in Los Angeles, California, launched in 2016 and has since become known as a disruptor in the health and wellness industry. dosist was named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions, was recognized by Fast Company as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the health sector, and was designated by LinkedIn as the number two Top Startups: Hottest U.S. Companies To Work For Now. dosist is also a proud brand partner of the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit coalition dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry. dosist’s new thc-free business, launched in November, 2020, provides natural options for some of our most common ailments through dose-controlled targeted cbd+ formulations without thc, such as calm thc-free™, sleep thc-free™ and relief thc-free™. For more information about dosist thc-free™ and its products visit the website at

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