Greens Girl Co. Launches With Focus On Cannabis Equality, Reform – Benzinga

Environmental activist Leah Thomas remains dedicated to building a more intersectional future for the cannabis industry.

Her latest project is The Greens Girl Co., a recently launched e-commerce and resource platform that partners with artisans for unique, limited edition collections.

A percentage of the proceeds go to the Cannabis Innovation Fund, which supports Black innovators in the cannabis space, as well as BIPOC-led grassroots reform organizations (which tend to receive the least funding).

The Greens Girl Co. also features a BIPOC cannabis directory where people can search for brands by black, Indigenous and people of color across the U.S.

“Living in California, where recreational cannabis is legalized, it felt hypocritical that there was this casualness to cannabis usage while there is a large percentage Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities incarcerated from the war on drugs. While white communities are able to build wealth off of the industry, BIPOC communities are penalized and discriminated against,” Thomas told Benzinga.

The entrepreneur added that, as we see more states move to legalize cannabis, “it’s crucial that we talk about reform and equality. The Greens Girl Co. aims to destigmatize cannabis for everyone and support BIPOC grassroots reform organizations and innovators, and even out the playing field.”

Click here to learn more about Greens Girl Co.

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