Metal Band Kurokuma Launches Its Own Cannabis Strain – Benzinga

Metal band Kurokuma has partnered with NemeSeeds (a.k.a. GeneSeeds) to create a new cannabis strain called KuroKush.

The seeds are currently for sale.

Kurokuma’s Joe E. Allen told Benzinga that the band met the NemeSeeds team, an established group of breeders from Alicante, Spain, at the world-famous Spannabis conference.

“Most of their strains were a little different, very fruity, high yield and high THC, and the colors they got were insane,” he said. “Like their Black Lebanon strain: in the promo images the leaves were pure black and I’d never seen anything quite like it. It was pretty f*ckin metal, and it stuck in my mind.”

Allen returned home with some seeds for his friends to grow. The results always impressed him. As he got to know NemeSeeds’ breeder, Allen became increasingly interested in developing a strain for his band.

“In our genre there are a huge amount of stoners and I thought it would be the dopest merch item if we could pull it off. We said we’d like something that was black or purple, as 'kuro’ means black in Japanese, and, like I say, the dark colours looked metal as f*ck to me. We also wanted it to be a Kush purely so we could call it KuroKush,” the musician said.

The breeder, José, called Allen and said he had found something that could work for Kurokuma — a strain with Lebanese, Slurricane, Mimosa and Tropicanna Cookies genetics.

“I passed some seeds to a couple of friends and what I got back was really, really great. It did indeed turned a dark purple and the terp profile was pretty special. Very much a berry/dark fruit flavor with floral earthiness and a touch of Kush gas,” Allen explained. “The high was pure good vibes, almost euphoric. A mainly Indica strain for sure. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best things I’ve smoked in years. If ever a strain could represent our music in the band, this is it. All three of us in the band love it.”

When the band filmed the promo video, Allen believed they were the first metal band with its own strain.

„Turns out that Motorhead did some kind of collab with a company in America at one point and so did Anthrax,” he said. “But for neither of those can you buy the seeds, only pre-rolls from dispensaries. You can’t even tell what the genetics are. So I still think we’re the first metal band to provide a strain and seeds in this way.”

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