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Vaping has become incredibly popular over the last few years, as many people are using vapes as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The number of people vaping has increased from about 7 million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018, with projections as high as 55 million by 2021. This is reflected in the market as the industry was worth $6.9 billion 5 years ago and is now worth $19.3 billion. As smoking cigarettes slowly become a habit of the past, so is smoking marijuana by rolling it into a joint or using a bong. Over the last few years, with more and more countries legalizing the sale and consumption of weed, marijuana related vaping products have been increasing in popularity. One reason it has become so popular is because marijuana related vaping technology has improved with time and is very sophisticated now. In addition to this, weed vape pens are small and can be carried around conveniently and used discreetly. There is no pungent odor that marijuana can sometimes produce, and the vapor doesn’t cling to fabrics the same way smoke does. The process of enjoy marijuana is now simpler than ever and can be enjoyed on the go. 

How to choose your first weed vape

Decide What Is Important To You

The first step in choosing your first weed is deciding what is important to you. There are many things to consider when making this decision. The first question is, where will you be vaping? If you will use the vape at home, then you may want to invest in something that is slightly larger, such as a desktop vaporizer. They may outsize handheld devices and be quite large, but they are perfect to use when smoking with friends and have a great resale value. In addition to this, they have precise temperature control and are simple to use. Will you be using it on the go? Then a portable pen vaporizer may be an excellent choice. They are small, easy to use, discreet and can fit inside of your pocket. A good in-between would be the GHOST MV1 vaporizer which you can buy here from Smoke Cartel. It’s a great choice because it’s just as powerful as larger desktop style vapes while remaining somewhat compact, so you get the best of both worlds. The next step is considering what material you will be vaping. Will it only be THC concentrate, dry herbs, e-juice concentrate or tobacco? Or will you want to use more than one substance? Be sure to check that the material you want to use is compatible with the vape you have in mind.  

Decide Your Budget

Something else to keep in mind is your budget, as this is most often the biggest factor in the vape you choose. Generally, vaporizers that offer a lot of functionality are more expensive, however with more and more companies producing vaporizers, it is easy to find a vape that suits your budget. The best advice is to not buy something that is incredibly cheap that offers limited functionality as this will ruin your first experience. Pen vapes are usually the cheapest option and are incredibly easy to use. They often have limited battery life and are less powerful, meaning they are not the best for heating dry herbs, but are good for using concentrates and oils. Handheld vaporizers are the middle ground as they are more powerful yet are as portable and convenient. They are great for using dry herbs and concentrates. As mentioned above, desktop vaporizers are the cream of the crop but don’t offer the same portability. 

How to choose your first weed vape

Temperature control

The most important aspect of choosing your weed vape is temperature control. This essentially allows you to regulate the compounds that get released when vaporizing marijuana. The reason for this is that each cannabis compound and cannabinoid have certain boiling points. What this means is by setting the temperature, you’re able to control the effects that the weed produces. The varying levels of temperature from low (320-356 degrees Fahrenheit) to high (392-446 degrees Fahrenheit) directly affect the potency of the effects produced. This is extremely important if you’re going to be using dry herbs as a material. Vape pens don’t offer exact temperature control and come with preset options compared to handheld and desktop vaporizers. As such, choosing lower end models might save you money, but could be detrimental to your first experience using a vape to consume marijuana.  

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