If You Dread Monday Mornings, This Brand Will Help You Face Your Fear – Daily Beast

By now, you might have heard the buzz: CBD is the trendy stress-fighting supplement that’s here to stay. The skinny: it’s made from hemp plants (but it’s not marijuana and can’t get you high), it’s legal (in all 50 states, baby!), and it’s very easy to add in to your existing wellness routine.

The Sunday Scaries CBD oil stands apart: it’s enriched with Vitamins D3, B12, and coconut oil, so you can tackle feelings of stress with a whole host of helpful ingredients. It uses 100% American hemp grown under strict guidelines (if you’re the type of person who likes to buy local produce from a farmer you know, Sunday Scaries is the CBD equivalent). Subscribe to a monthly delivery for a 20% discount!

Looking for a sweeter way to get your CBD? These CBD gummies have the same vitamin boost and take the math out of getting an exact dose.

And brand new–like literally just launched–a gummy that tastes like the holiday season (don’t know how, must be magic) with mint and cinnamon.

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