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Over the past few years, many CBD brands have emerged throughout the industry, but perhaps none that have approached it with as much confident cool as Modern Love Organics.

The company was started by Rock Baijnauth and Andrew Moniz, a pair of acclaimed documentary filmmakers and longtime CBD users, who took on the task of creating “The World’s Most Exquisite CBD” the same way as they approached making a documentary film — by nerding out over a subject they were extremely passionate about and pouring over research to find the answers they were looking for. The two then teamed up with a $100 million dollar, FDA-approved lab to reimagine CBD at every stage of the process. From their use of curated, organically grown hemp, to the layers of rigorous internal and third-party lab tests their products undergo, to the luxury look and feel, the pair have embarked on a path that has merged art, science, transparency, and beauty in a way the CBD industry seems to have been longing for.

Just by looking at the products you know this is going to be something special. The branding is on point. But the eye-catching colors and high-end Miron glass bottles (which the company has shipped in from Germany) are just the beginning, the first steps, into romancing you into the world of luxury CBD. As in life, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. As the company’s CEO, Rock Baijnauth, puts it, “we knew that there were a lot of players in the industry, so in order for us to be successful we needed to have something undeniable in the bottle. We wanted to create a new way to practice self-care. A modern way to love yourself.” Judging by the way the products have been flying off their site, it seems that “undeniable” is right.

Need some more reasons to feel great about this brand? Trust me, there’s no shortage of them. Their products are all GMO and cruelty-free, they’re Kosher, Halal, and 100% THC free (so they won’t make you feel high or groggy). On top of that, the company supports local farmers and economies, and plans to reinvest profits to continue studies into the health benefits of CBD.

Their best selling CBD oils include their 250mg Nano Tincture ($75) which has a honey-like sweetness and consistency and goes through a proprietary process that creates nano-sized CBD droplets that are more easily absorbed by your body. This means you can use less product, and experience a faster onset of desired effects, compared with traditional CBD oils (ah, science). Those who require something more potent to deal with chronic conditions like migraines and certain sleep issues have been opting for the 1500mg Founder’s Reserve Tincture ($100) which skews a little nuttier in flavor and is perfect in a morning cup of coffee to help manage your daily stresses.

CBD and coffee you say? It turns out the two are long lost forever friends. In fact, trendy specialty coffee shops like Cognoscenti Coffee in DTLA will add a dose of Modern Love to your brew and, shhh… don’t tell anyone, but if you stop by coffee institution Menotti’s, you can order a Way to Bee from their secret menu which combines a full dropper of Modern Love Nano CBD, two shots of perfectly pulled espresso and oat milk. Think nuts and honey in a cup… yum!

Oh, speaking of yum… I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention their delectable Passionfruit CBD Gummies ($24). Yup, you read all of those words correctly. These 100% Vegan Gummies have a delicious flavor and a consistency akin to fine French confectionery that will make you feel like you are kicking it on the beach somewhere in Saint Tropez. Finally, for those who don’t want to take CBD in tincture or gummy form,  Modern Love created CBD soft gels ($95) which their customers playfully refer to as “chill pills” because of their ability to add a sense of calm and well-being to their day.

Sure, the price tag skews a little more than your average CBD, but as Eric Stoltz’s character in Pulp Fiction says, “once you have this, you’ll know where that extra money went.” Moniz, the company’s Chief Design Officer agrees, “CBD is one of those things where you truly get what you pay for. Sure, you can buy cheaper CBD from a gas station, but is it going to change your life? Is it something you want to put into your body? Would you buy sushi at a gas station?”

In an industry so shrouded in mystery, over-hyped claims, and rooted in stoner culture, it’s nice to see a company that takes the stigma out of CBD and looks at through the lens of some of the finest things on earth like art and fashion — making CBD luxurious and, dare we say, glamorous? We couldn’t be more excited to see where the brand goes next as it develops exciting new products to help manage the anxieties and $#%* storms that life throws our way. Could this be the next big CBD brand? Or better yet, the cure for 2020? We think it might just be.

Check them out at or @modernloveorganics.

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