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Sleeping difficulties are very common. As you lie in bed late at night, a million thoughts racing through your mind, you find yourself counting down the hours before you’re forced to get up. 5 hours, 4 hours, only 3 hours left.

This is a common encounter just about everybody has experienced once or twice. For many, this is almost a nightly occurrence.

Nearly 1 in 7 Americans suffer from consistent or recurring sleeping difficulties. Underlying conditions like anxiety or chronic stress from work, finances, or toxic relationships can make the problem significantly worse.

A lot of people are turning to health supplements like CBD gummies for support. A decent CBD-infused gummy can work wonders on your anxiety and the sleeping issues — but only if you buy the right stuff.

Here, we’ll cover three of the best CBD gummies for anxiety and sleep. We’ll briefly discuss how they work and why they’ve become so popular.

Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety & Sleep: 2020 Reviewed

1. Royal CBD – Award Winning, Best CBD Gummies for Sleep & Anxiety

2. Gold Bee – Runner Up, Quality Product at a Good Price

3. Blessed CBD – Potent CBD, But Only Ships to the UK

1. Royal CBD Gummies — Editor’s Pick

Royal CBD - Editor's Pick

Product Details:

Total CBD 300 – 750 mg
CBD per Gummy 10 – 25 mg
Extract Type CBD Isolate

Royal CBD is a good example of what to look for in high-quality CBD products. They’re made from a proprietary vegan-friendly formula with your choice of either 10 mg per piece or 25 mg per piece.

Unlike a lot of cheaper brands, these gummies are made with precision machinery that ensures every piece delivers exactly the same dose of CBD. A lot of cheaper products will use a more primitive method to save on costs. This can make the final gummies unreliable — some will be too strong, others too weak. If you’re using CBD gummies to help you sleep, you’ll want to make sure they work the same way every single night.

These gummies are widely considered to be the best option for anxiety and sleep. They’re recommended for this application by several experts in the cannabis industry, such as We Be High, Weed News, and Daily CBD. The brand has also been mentioned on local media outlets in the states of Florida, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and more.

All Royal CBD gummies are guaranteed THC-free and have been independently tested for purity and potency. Other tests look for the presence of contaminants that could have made their way into the final product. We’ve had a look through several recent test results posted on the Royal CBD website, and none have shown any indication of a problem.

These gummies are an excellent option all-around. As an anxiety and sleep-supportive supplement, it’s better to go for the 25 mg version. If this has too much of a sedative effect you can always cut them into halves for a smaller 12.5 mg dose.

Pros Cons
  • One of the most well-respected CBD brand in the US
  • Available in both high and low potencies (25 and 10 mg respectively)
  • Delicious fruit medley flavors
  • Third-party tested for the ultimate level of transparency
  • High-tech gummy injection ensures a consistent dose of CBD in every piece
  • Vegan-friendly gummy mix
  • Only available online (not sold in local shops)

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2. Gold Bee CBD Gummies — Runner-Up

Gold Bee - Runner Up

Product Details:

Total CBD 750 mg
CBD per Gummy 25 mg
Extract Type CBD Isolate

Gold Bee is well-known for its meticulous attention to detail when it comes to its CBD products. These gummies are recommended by several online media outlets around the United States — including Observer, SF Examiner, City Beat, SF Weekly, LA Weekly, Riverfront Times, and others.

The only downside to these gummies is that there’s just one potency currently available (25 mg per gummy). However, it’s easy to cut each piece into smaller doses if you want a smaller dose.

Gold Bee gummies come in a delicious honey-flavor and use a vegetarian-friendly base. There’s no animal products, THC, or harmful stabilizers or fillers added to these gummy candies. Some of the additives used to make cheaper CBD gummies can stimulate the nervous system and lead to a worsening of anxiety and insomnia.

As with any high-end CBD brand, all Gold Bee CBD products have been thoroughly tested by an unbiased third-party lab. These lab tests are important to look for because they’re the only way to know if the company’s claims are accurate.

Pros Cons
  • Made from organically-grown hemp plants
  • Delicious honey flavor
  • High-potency gummies (25 mg per piece)
  • Independently tested
  • Buying from this company supports small American business
  • High-demand and small company size means there may be a waiting list — check back later

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3. Blessed CBD Gummies — UK’s Best CBD Brand

Product Details:

Total CBD 750 mg
CBD per Gummy 25 mg
Extract Type CBD Isolate

In the UK, there are few better options for CBD gummies than Blessed CBD. These guys have been churning out some of the best CBD products in the region for a few years now. They were one of the first companies to begin testing products in third-party facilities and have set the bar for the level of quality you can get at such an affordable price.

Each pack of 30 Blessed CBD gummies delivers a dose of 25 milligrams of CBD. Unlike the company’s other products, these gummies use a CBD isolate as the base — rather than the full-spectrum hemp extract this company is known for.

There’s a good reason for doing this.

Full-spectrum extracts are rich in compounds like terpenes, unique cannabinoids, and plant sterols. Unfortunately, some of these compounds will interfere with the gummy mix and give it an undesirable and inconsistent texture. This ultimately reduces the gummy’s quality and makes it impossible to guarantee each piece contains the same dose of CBD.

We respect the fact that Blessed CBD chose to avoid this issue and went with the more stable and reliable CBD isolate for this particular product.

If you’re living outside the US, Blessed CBD is the best alternative for a premium CBD gummy to support sleep and anxiety issues. Another viable option for this region is the London-based Crush CBD.

Neither Royal CBD nor Gold Bee will ship outside the United States at this time.

Pros Cons
  • High-potency CBD (25 mg per piece)
  • Made from organically-grown hemp plants
  • Third-party tested for full transparency
  • Flavored with a blend of delicious tropical fruit flavors
  • Only available in the UK

Tips For Using CBD Gummies For Sleep

CBD gummies are an excellent health supplement to help you get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake feeling more refreshed. Here are some other points to remember that will help you get the most from your gummies.

1. Take Your Gummies About 1-Hour Before Bed

CBD will take about 30 to 60 minutes before it starts producing its effects, so it’s best to take your gummies about an hour or so before bed. This makes sure the gummies have enough time to kick in.

While you can also take your gummies up to four hours before bed and still experience the benefits, the one hour mark has another benefit.

Taking the gummies every night precisely one hour before bed will start to form a routine. Your brain will begin to associate using the gummies with sleep. Over time, the very act of taking the gummies will activate the sleep cycle in the brain and help you wind down.

2. Use Cannabis Terpenes Alongside Your Gummies

Most CBD gummies don’t contain any active terpenes. Many of these terpenes are helpful for inducing the sleep cycle, relaxing the muscles, or alleviating the anxiety that’s keeping you up at night.

The simple solution to this is to take cannabis terpenes alongside your gummies before bed.

You can order concentrated cannabis terpenes from companies like Finest Labs. They come in small dropper bottles and are used in drop-doses.

Look for terpenes such as bisabolol, myrcene, or humulene to help with sleep.

3. Take Other Sleep-Supportive Supplements

For best results, you can combine your CBD oil with other sleep or anxiety-supportive supplements. Here are a few popular examples:

1. Melatonin

2. Kava kava

3. L-theanine


5. Magnesium

6. Valerian

7. Passionflower

8. Ashwagandha KSM-66

4. Practice Sleep-Hygiene

What is sleep hygiene? It’s a set of practices designed to help your body wind down and prepare for sleep. Here are some sleep hygiene methods to consider:

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same times every day
  • Avoid computer, phone, or television screens at least 2 hours before bed
  • Meditate in the evenings before bed
  • Form a relaxing ritual around bedtime to practice every night
  • Eliminate sources of light and noise while you sleep

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety & Sleep

Anxiety and sleep are two of the most common issues faced in the United States every day. Recent evidence suggests CBD as a promising option for both conditions thanks to a gamut of relaxing effects on the central nervous system.

One of the most popular methods of using CBD today is gummies. They offer precise, efficient doses of CBD per piece and come in a delicious array of flavors.

It’s important to seek out the best CBD gummies you can find to avoid wasting your money on ineffective, inconsistent, or downright dangerous CBD products.

If you’re unsure where to look, check out the high-potency gummies from Royal CBD or Gold Bee. Both brands offer in-depth third-party testing and use high-tech filling machines to ensure every gummy contains consistent doses of active CBD.

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