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TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Functional Medicine Group is proud to announce that their monthly magazine, FM Pharmacists Magazine, is partnering with Konopi Essentials for December’s special CBD edition. Konopi Essentials has been on the forefront of bringing CBD products forward into the market by showing consumers that there can be a „natural and organic” relief alternative for addressing a multitude of ailments without the harmful side effects. All of Konopi’s products are aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of consumers while keeping costs low.

The heart behind the business

Jason and Ginger Carpenter created Konopi Essentials, a company aimed at the pursuit of accurate knowledge about CBD and developing CBD products that the general public could afford.

With an excess of companies claiming to produce a „miracle oil,” Konopi Essentials wants to make a difference by offering „the highest quality full pedigree oils at prices that are a fraction of their competitors.”

The future of the business

Jason and Ginger Carpenter know that CBD still has a long way to go in terms of research and product development, and that actually makes things more exciting. Konopi Essentials wants to be at the forefront of CBD in the next few years as more studies are conducted to discover more of its benefits to the health and wellbeing of consumers.

Functional Medicine Group’s Founder, Brandon Welch PharmD, is excited for the future of CBD. Dr. Welch stated, „FM Pharmacists Magazine is a part of the Functional Medicine Group for pharmacists and independent pharmacy owners. Our partnership with Konopi is rooted in the mission to educate healthcare providers about CBD. Our efforts are geared towards shedding light on the potential benefits patients may have with CBD.”

CBD has shown great potential for centuries and the future is definitely bright for this industry if proper regulations are set in place and further clinical trials are conducted to finally put an end to the speculations and focus on what this compound can offer to those who are sick.

Konopi would like to welcome all FM Pharmacists Magazine readers and Functional Medicine Group Members to enjoy a 20% discount at www.gokonopi.com! Use Discount Code: FMG20

View this special CBD edition by going to http://www.FMpharmacists.com.

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