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WESTERN MASS. – Two new locations for the same purpose of recreational cannabis have been opened – the first for Springfield and another location in Northampton.

The California-based Holistic Industries opened Liberty at 1300 Boston Rd., while Resinate, Inc. of Worcester, opened a new store at 110 Pleasant St. in Northampton. Both new dispensaries opened their doors on Nov. 20.  

Holistic Industries operates dispensaries in seven states and in the District of Columbia. Resinate’s Northampton dispensary is the second for the company.

Elle Wagge, the vice president for retail for Holistic, told Reminder Publishing the company has “world class customer service” and features a variety of products. She did say that some of the products they offer has been held up in a testing backlog.

Holistic offered branded cannabis products, including Strane, which is described as “a new brand of cannabis with an old school feel. From simple packaging to a simple menu, Strane offers something for every cannabis connoisseur – with the quality flower or concentrate to match”

The company also offers a los dose cannabis called Do Drops – “these ‘agenda friendly’ edibles – available in both gummy and chocolate form – allow you to do what you want to do.”

Next year the company will be featuring The Jerry Garcia Collection of cannabis products in partnership with The Jerry Garcia family.

Liberty, like other retailers, provide a salesperson – called “wellness guides” to customers to help them in the shopping experience.

Wagge noted customers can either pay with cash, or debit card with ATMs on premise. For more information, go to

Resinate grows and well as produces its own product. Its CEO Peter DeCaro said in a written statement about the new Northampton location, “We are very excited to serve the community of Northampton. We feel it is a perfect match. Northampton is rich in culture, arts, music and all the things that create and enrich community. Resinate was founded on the principle of unity; that people from all walks of life can benefit from medical and adult-use cannabis to improve their overall wellness.”

Resinate also accepts cash and debit cards for purchase. For additional information, go to for more information about Resinate, our product offerings and dispensary hours and locations,

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