NutraCast Podcast: Leafreport reveals disappointing findings on CBD edibles market –

The latest report​ found that only one in four edibles contained the amount of CBD published on the label. Over 60% of the products tested actually contained more CBD than labeled. 

Lital Shafir, head of product at Leafreport, explained that edibles are harder to measure when compared to tinctures, capsules, and other products, so some discrepancies were expected. 

According to Leafreport, experts say that cannabis products should have cannabinoid levels that deviate no more than 10% from their advertised amount, and high-quality CBD products should contain anywhere from 90% to 110% of the advertised CBD content. Only a quarter of the products Leafreport had tested contained CBD levels that were within 10% of the amount stated on the label, whereas the remaining three quarters were off by anywhere from 11% to 177%.


Shafir said that while most companies do provide test results and COAs on their websites, they don’t typically reflect what users end up with. 

“I think what people don’t understand is that many brands provide just one sample of results for each consumption method or product family. What they need to do is provide results for each batch of products. In that case, a user that gets the products can check his QR code or lock number and then scan it, check it and see the results of the specific batch of products he got,” ​said Shafir. “When you check gummies on a website and they scored well, it doesn’t mean it’s your gummies.”

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