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Medical cannabis patients often cite the cost of medical cannabis and the lack of healthcare coverage as a barrier for becoming a patient. Maximus Rose Living Benefits, a company that started in Northern Ontario and has expanded to Southern Ontario, recognized a gap in healthcare services in terms of employee benefits plans. With their understanding of marketplace trends, they realized the importance of offering their clients’ safe and discrete access to medical cannabis solutions as a necessary next step. Evidence shows that proper medical oversight when using medical cannabis can increase successful outcomes for patients versus self-medicating.

Maximus Rose is proud to partner with Medical Marijuana Consultants to provide our clients with Virtual Marijuana Consulting Services as well as access to the highest industry standard of medical cannabis,” explains Tony Fasulo, CEO of Maximus Rose. „We want to offer our clients’ and their employees a variety of pharmaceutical and relief options, and that includes a holistic approach to healthcare through access to medical cannabis.”

Medical Marijuana Consultants (MMC), a Sensi Brands company, has been supporting medical cannabis patients since 2014, providing a „white glove” full-service offering. MMC provides access to medical cannabis prescriptions to eligible patients through their team of experienced healthcare practitioners and dedicated patient case managers. They also provide education and ongoing support throughout the patients’ treatment journey and ensures patients can access reimbursements through their health benefits. MMC’s Patient Care team works with patients of all backgrounds, with a focus on motor vehicle accident patients and Canadian Armed Forces Veterans with unique needs. Medical cannabis has been shown to provide relief for: Chronic Pain, Cancer Treatment, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Inflammation, Back Pain, Migraines, Epilepsy & more.

„We are thrilled to have this unique opportunity to be the exclusive partner with Maximus Rose providing our best-in-class medical cannabis services to their clients and employees.” said Tony Giorgi, CEO of Sensi Brands, MMC’s parent company, „We firmly believe that by providing patients with the right support and medical oversight, patients can have better outcomes leading to improved lifestyles and more productive employees.”

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SOURCE Maximus Rose Living Benefits

For further information: Chris Sanderson, Manager of Operations, Maximus Rose Living Benefits Inc., [email protected]; Megan Henderson, General Manager, Medical Marijuana Consultants, [email protected]

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