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Bommarito Commercial Sales had led the way on fulfilling industry vehicle needs, building out transportation vehicles for any medical marijuana facility type – and several of their vehicles are already on the road moving medical marijuana throughout the state. This isn’t the Bommarito team’s first venture into a niche market, but Cannabis is the latest to request compliance-based vehicles.

In Missouri’s market, all vehicles used by any licensed facility – transportation, testing, cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary – must be inspected and meet a variety of operational standards, from cameras, GPS, lock-types, access, secure storage, and more.

“The right design and requirements are being met to accommodate the state regulations and give our clients the best possible outcome for their success,” said Dave Morrissey of Cannabis Experts.

The fleet has already built out 8 different models for facilities, ranging from large transit vans for product transportation to sedans for coming soon dispensary delivery services – each one designed to fulfill the vehicle’s unique purpose in product transportation.

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“This is a complex industry and safety and compliance is the states utmost concern,” said Tom Bommarito, president of Bommarito Industrial Sales. “Unmarked vehicles, live camera feeds, all precautions and steps have been taken to safely transport and protect the personal and product.”

“We have worked with a number of different members of the community during their compliance inspections to ensure the Missouri State Inspectors were completely satisfied with the vehicles provided by our team,” said Matt Gonzalez, fleet manager.


Gonzalez said that roughly 25 ownership groups representing all facility types have ordered a secure vehicle from them – including 8 varied models built out to specification. Facilities can choose from a variety of vehicles offered by any of the 20 Bommarito brands – including Nissan, Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet. Morrissey said another benefit to working with Bommarito is guaranteed service before, during, and after the sale.

Bommarito’s size alone allows the state’s largest volume dealer to not only provide many vehicle options, but also means they have a variety of financing options.

“We realize that cash is tight for a lot of operators looking to get inspected and check the vehicle box, we are offering lease options with unlimited miles for our customers for foreign and domestic,” said Gonzalez.

The fleet is working internally and with fabricators for the builds, including Autotrim Restyling for the initial reinforced door lock system. Gonzalez told Greenway they have been working with a fabricator to build specific parts kits, as opposed to individual fabrications.

Tom Bommarito, president of Bommarito Industrial sales told Greenway their vehicles include lockable shelving units, custom fabricated securing frame rails, multiple camera options, security alarms and GPS system(s) are available as well as refrigerated options – all of which are required by the state for vehicle compliance. All vehicles must be inspected and approved by the state before use.

Bommarito locations are spread throughout St. Louis. In 2016, the Bommarito Automotive Group sold over 31, 000 cars – with revenue over $1.46 billion – in a year that was a national record-breaking year for auto sales. The group was founded as an Oldsmobile dealership over 50 years ago.

PICTURED//A Nissan mid-size van prepares for inspection and facility use, sporting build design improvements to data storage, cameras, and bolt locks. FAR LEFT, LEFT PAGE//A large Nissan van prepares for facility-use build. PHOTOS//RACHAEL HERNDON

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