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Calm by Wellness, one of the loved hemp and CBD oil manufacturers in the market, has released a new hemp CBD sleeping oil that promises impressive results and deep sleep. The company from Irvine, CA, promises a product with a new and redesigned formula that was heavily impacted by existing customers’ feedback.

The new, improved formula adjusts the CBD oil extract’s strength along with CBN that showed to be highly effective when used as a sedative or sleep aid. CBN’s added benefits include normalization of the inner working on the immune system and inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Tested by a third party for its effectiveness and with hundreds of people in online and video reviews, this new product can not only bring deep sleep after a hard day but also let you relax fully and charge your batteries. Guaranteed working sleep aid with no ill side effects.

The new formula includes:

  • Lavender Oil to ease tension
  • Chamomile for its calming effects on the whole body
  • Hops for lowering anxiety and stress
  • Lemon Grass as an immunity booster and regulator
  • Ho Wood for the emotional uplift and a mood booster
  • Jasmine for various benefits on the mind and body
  • Pine for a dash of refreshment in our tincture
  • CBN  ( Cannabinoid ) a cannabis-derived compound that may help sleep

All these ingredients combined will increase the amount of slow-wave sleep and give your body the ability to unwind and relax fully. With the added benefit of the Lemon Grass, stress will be reduced, and your mood will be improved without the higher buzz that could disrupt your sleep and thoughts. 

About Calm By Wellness 

Located in sunny California, Calm by Wellness is a company renowned for its hemp CBD products. Proudly American Calm grows all its plants in the US, tests them, and manufactures their products on US soil. With a track record of 1 million products shipped worldwide and thousands of vocal customers online, the company is in the high-end range of CBD products. It is also important to note that all products go through rigorous tests in third party laboratories to ensure that the tinctures are of the highest quality with no pesticides, metals, or any THC.

First of all, a community of scientists, farmers, researchers, and doctors, Calm, wants to bring a piece of calmness to all of those who wish to use the benefits of CBD oil. Continually evolving and bringing new technology and revising formulations to satisfy its customers, the company produces only the highest quality products. This can be verified with an ocean of video reviews and online testimonials of happy customers and people who changed their lives with their products. Calm by Wellness is a company devoted to its customer well-being and improving the way we see and treat cannabis’s medicinal properties of cannabis. With our highly educated team and our supportive community, we only strive for the best.

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