Simplifying Cannabis Dosing for Patients and Healthcare Professionals – MarketScale

Cannabis use is growing, particularly for medical purposes. In healthcare, it’s being used to treat a variety of conditions, and it’s now approved for medical use in 36 states and four territories.

In other words, the majority of locations in the United States allow for the use of cannabis for medical purposes – which means it’s time for consumers and healthcare practitioners to have more clear guidance on best practices, use, guidelines and more.

Izzy Kirsh, Founder and Co-CEO of Mode, began the company for exactly that purpose. Mode aims to deliver solutions for medical cannabis use via a universal cannabis dosing device and personalized guidance app and was largely spurred by Kirsh’s own experience attempting to use cannabis to treat a personal injury.

Kirsh joined Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin to dive into the topic and how Mode is attempting to help normalize and improve cannabis treatment for a variety of use cases.

The duo dove into the data that could potentially be leveraged by healthcare providers thanks to regulated dosing devices and more, how that data and technology solutions like Mode could be integrated into the wider healthcare ecosystem as interoperability remains a key focus, and more.

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