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You’ve probably read or heard about the wide range of benefits of the CBD oils, and you cannot wait to get your hands on it. With tons of reviews elaborating on its therapeutic benefits, your expectations might be high.

CBD products come in a wide variety in edibles, capsules and oils, each carrying a wide range of benefits. However, not all products are equal. That’s why you need to ensure you’re buying quality products from reliable sellers.

So, just before you search for “CBD for sale online”, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Asking these questions will help you navigate the purchasing process and get good quality and effective CBD products.

What is the Main Source of the CBD?

First of all, the CBD is a component of the cannabis plant called cannabidiol and is naturally produced by the cannabis plant. There are several types of cannabis plants, but the two most common are marijuana and the hemp (cannabis Sativa).

The CBD source determines the nature of the final product, so it is very crucial. CBD from marijuana is known to be psychoactive because of the high level of a cannabinoid called THC. It, therefore, has a high effect on its users. On the other hand, hemp is non-psychoactive with low THC levels and a high concentration of CBD.

If you are looking for an oil with a high CBD concentration and without the psychoactive effects, you should make sure it is extracted from a hemp plant.

What is the Origin of the Hemp Plant?

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When making a purchase, it is wise to enquire the origin of the hemp plant used to make the oil. You have to ensure it is from the U.S or Canada because if it’s not, then it might not be the best quality. So, if the seller does not disclose where the hemp is sourced from, that should be a red flag.

Although hemp can grow in any part of the world, U.S grown hemp is more potent due to environmental factors and farming practices that influence the yields. Besides, companies in the U.S follow strict regulations that ensure products manufactured are of high quality and are safe for you.

Is It Organic or Inorganic?

One way of determining the quality of CBD is by looking at the method of extraction. There are three standard methods of extracting CBD, using olive oil, carbon dioxide or solvent extraction.

One of the oldest and safest methods of extraction is the use of olive oil. It is cost-efficient and produces CBD oils, not very strong or concentrated as those from other methods. However, the oils are highly perishable, requiring a cool and dark place for storage, making it hard to carry them around.

Solvent extraction is the cheapest and fastest method which is preferred by most companies. It, however, tampers with the quality of the CBD oils in terms of quality and taste. The plant waxes are dissolved in the CBD oil resulting in chlorophyll which gives a bitter taste.

The carbon dioxide or CO2 extraction is the most advanced but the most expensive. However, it produces the highest quality of CBD oils, and you should give it preference.

Is It Full-spectrum or CBD Isolate?

Depending on the extraction process, the final product can be full-spectrum or isolate. Full-spectrum means that the oil retains all cannabinoids and other nutrients which provide a wide range of benefits. It, however, means there will be traces of THC in the CBD oil.

On the other hand, CBD isolates involve separating CBD from the rest of cannabinoids and other compounds to get the purest oils. The oils obtained have a wide range of benefits, but not as much as full-spectrum.

Most people prefer the full-spectrum for its more comprehensive benefits compared to CBD isolate. If you do not want the extra effects of THC, CBD isolate oils are the best.

Does the Label List Ingredients?

It is unfair for brands not to indicate the content of their products. Some companies will even give false information on the labels. Such a level of selfishness could lead to customers consuming harmful products. By not indicating the presence of THC in oil, you might fail your drug test without being aware.

When purchasing CBD oils, always ensure they have listed ingredients in measurable portions to ensure you consume the right quantity for your body. Also, make an effort of researching for CBD oils that have lots of reviews from happy customers.


There are a lot of brands in the market producing CBD oils. You have to be careful not to fall prey to counterfeit brands offering the same oils for a lower price. The CBD oils provide a wide range of benefits, but their counterfeits could cause you a lot more damage than good. The above guide will help you identify the best and good quality CBD oils.

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