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Smoking is a bad habit that the health sector is trying to control. Doctors are trying to convince smokers to stop smoking because of the negative effects it causes to someone’s health. 

However, once you get the hang of smoking, you get addicted to it. Stopping it will be something easier said than done. Some people have used smoking to satisfy their therapeutic needs. They say smoking is more than an addiction to nicotine but a form of stress reliever for them. 

Smokers who are becoming aware of the bad effects want to slowly stop smoking but still want to experience the therapeutic effects of it. Today, there are these so-called vaporizers that are said to be better than smoking and are said to elevate the experience.   

Vaporizers or vapes are designed to heat concentrates, dry herbs, or oil enough to release the active ingredients and compounds without having to completely burn them to inhale tar-filled smoke. With vapes, you inhale a cleaner vapor. 

It does sound like a good alternative however, it is still a huge investment. There are certain factors you must consider before taking the step of switching and buying portable vaporizers.

Pros Of Having A Portable Vaporizer

The most basic advantage of getting a portable vaporizer is that it is easy to bring with you anywhere. There are also desktop vaporizers in the market which are the same as the portable ones excluding the flexibility of being on-the-go.  

It is a good alternative to smoking. Since vaporizers release cleaner vapor, it limits the harmful effects of inhaling tar-filled smoke when smoking cigarettes. You get to experience the high more healthily. 

Vaporizers similar to enail provide a better taste of concentrates for you to enjoy. This device is high-tech that it can be linked and controlled with your smartphone. With vapes, you can control the temperature and amount of herbs, concentrates, or oils you will use.

Cons Of Having A Portable Vaporizer 

Of course, there is also a downside to this kind of product. It might be a healthier option compared to smoking or increase the flavor but vaporizers are still not completely healthy. There are still other chemicals used for some flavors that still cause harm to your body. 

It is also expensive. The device itself will cost a lot plus the flavors you will buy regularly. However, if you are a hard smoker who finishes several packs of cigarettes a day or a week, it will be a good investment for you. 

Since it is a device, there will be risks of damages. When that happens you will need to repair it and that will cost more money. But with proper maintenance, vapes are not that easily damaged. 

Overall, portable vaporizers are worth it depending on your usage. If you are a hard smoker trying to stop, switching to vapes will be a great step towards that goal. It is expensive but will be cheaper in the long run. 

Vapes provide therapeutic benefits. Although it is a healthier alternative, keep in mind that this does not mean it is truly healthy. If you are moving towards the goal of becoming healthier, stopping smoking cigarettes or using vapes will be the best option. 

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