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If you have ever used or thought about using cannabinoids (CBD), chances are you came across its other type of spectrum CBD as well. But, can you differentiate between the two types?

CBD Oil is used widely for its therapeutic and relaxing benefits, and all its types come from the same plant. However, the extraction of each can be a little different, just like the full spectrum CBD.

A full-spectrum CBD oil comes with all the natural components of the original cannabis plant, along with a small amount of THC – a psychoactive ingredient.

Want to know more about it? This post discusses everything about a full spectrum CBD Oil, what it contains, its benefits, side effects, and how it works. We recommend you to read till the very end!

Full Spectrum CBD: Explained

There are 3 types of CBD available, and full spectrum is one of them. It contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Also, as mentioned above, the thing that distinguishes it from the original cannabinoid is THC – 0.2-0.3%. A Full Spectrum CBD Oil is considered to be more effective than any other form of CBD and is prescribed by specialized doctors all over the world.

How It Works

Full Spectrum CBD Oil is widely used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, epilepsy, severe pain, and inflammation. Moreover, it is proven to be extremely beneficial for eliminating insomnia and improving your sleeping cycle. Apart from this, full-spectrum CBD Oil helps in balancing and improving your immune and nervous system as well.

Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Addictive?

As a full spectrum CBD uses THC, people think it can make you high and addictive. But that is not the case. It contains only 0.3% or less THC, which is not enough to make you ‘high.’ However, it will still provide a soothing and calming effect on your mind while making all the pain numb. On the same note, you can rest assured that it will not make you high and out of control.

Is It Legal?

The answer is Yes and No, both. In some countries, like the US, the growth and selling of Full Spectrum CBD oil are entirely legal. You can find it in the form of tablets, oils, gums, etc.

However, in some countries like Afghanistan, Armenia, Africa, and China, Full Spectrum CBD is still considered illegal for regular purchases, and you might need a doctor’s prescription to use it. 

This is why we urge you to conduct thorough research on every country’s legislatures before traveling with a full spectrum CBD Oil. Also, it may or may not show in drug tests – this fact still remains unknown.

Side Effects

Full Spectrum CBD oil is used as a therapeutic medication, and like every other, it also has some harmless side effects. The side effects include diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, mood and appetite changes, and vomiting in rare cases. However, all these symptoms are well-tolerated and won’t cause anything serious.

Can You Find it Online?

Numerous online stores deliverFull Spectrum CBD Oil at your doorstep. If you’re living somewhere where it’s legal, finding it online won’t be a problem.


A Full Spectrum CBD Oil has some side effects, but the benefits are surely more. Still, we would recommend you consult with a health professional before using it to see if it is the right fit for you or not. After all, your health should be your first and utmost priority.

So, do you guys think this article is helpful? Make sure to give your feedback in the comments below. We would love to hear back from you. Stay safe, healthy, and on the right side of the law!

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