Supes to discuss cannabis operations – Santa Barbara News-Press

Tuesday morning, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors will consider an ordinance that addresses changes in the business licensing and land use permitting processes for cannabis operations. 

The board adopted the code licensing commercial cannabis operations in May of 2018, but over the past year, staff received feedback from the cannabis stakeholder community including residents, department staff and business license applicants, regarding inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the process. 

Revisions include the following areas: definitions, business license required, business license exemptions, application content, criminal history and security plan, license issuance by the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department, change in ownership and procedure for denial, suspension or revocation. 

In other business, the board will be asked to consider a request from the Central Coast Water Authority to approve two Water Supply Contract Amendments. 

The first amendment, Amendment 20, makes it clear that Santa Barbara County would continue to receive water deliveries from the State Water Project. 

“These deliveries are critical for several CCWA participants where SWP deliveries are an important part of their water supplies. In addition, it must be noted that surface water reservoirs in the county are aging and suffering from siltation and other restrictions that result in less water available moving forward,” the staff report reads.

Amendment 21 allows individual contractors the ability to sell and buy water without the commitment to return or receive water in exchange. 

“The current State Water Contract does not allow outright sales of water, but only allows exchanges, with repayment of water in future water years,” the board letter says. “These exchanges are allowed to be unbalanced, with a higher repayment in future years in order to receive urgently needed water in the short term. This exchange mechanism is not well defined in the current contract and is used infrequently. Amendment 21 clarifies existing exchange practices, provides for single and multi-year water transfers with compensation to be determined by the participants, and allows for transfers of water stored outside of a contractor’s service area.”

The board will also receive an update on COVID-19. 

The meeting will be held Tuesday at 9 a.m., and can be viewed on local cable channel 20 or online at or the YouTube page at

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