Vitality CBD submits Novel Foods dossier: 'Regulation a positive direction' –

Vitality CBD submits Novel Foods dossier: ‘Regulation a positive direction’

Birmingham-based Vitality CBD​, whose products are stocked in the likes of Tesco, Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s and Ocado and listed on Amazon UK, filed its Novel Food application for validation in mid January.

Assuming the application is validated by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) before the end of March deadline, this will mean that the brand’s products can remain on UK retailer shelves after 31st March.

Asked about the current status of the application, Vitality CBD’s commercial director, Phillip Glyn, told NutraIngredients: “Feedback will be forthcoming within the coming weeks”​. 

Public register to be published

“We understand that the UK FSA will publish a Regulated Products Register which will confirm the status of all applications. This register will state if there is a validated CBD Novel Food dossier,” ​explained Glyn.

He added that the FSA is also developing a separate register which will be a ‘positive product list’. This will state the product name and retailer’s name and link it to a validated dossier. 

“In this way, the consumer and trading standards can pick up a CBD product off the shelf and check if it is linked to a validated dossier and is therefore allowed to be on the market. If a company’s product is not on this ‘positive product list’ but they can prove their finished product is linked to a validated dossier then they need to liaise with the FSA to get their product onto the ‘positive list’,”​ he explained.

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