Startup introduces CBD to mainstream sports nutrition audience –

Ex-international footballer Simon Church has teamed up with former footballer turned fitness model and entrepreneur Russell Short to create the company CBD Performance​ after having to retire from football due to severe arthritis.

Church, who remained on pain killers throughout much his career, discovered the pain relieving benefits of CBD oil in his last year of professional playing in 2018.

He was already working with Short on a football related business project and it was during a meeting in early 2019 that they discovered a shared passion for this rarely discussed ingredient.

Short explains: “I had a little black book of notes, information, ideas, where I had written ‘CBD in sport’. Simon saw the note and asked ‘why do you have that written?’ and we started to talk about how this seemed to be a huge untapped opportunity within sports nutrition.

“We both shared this vision to create a CBD sports nutrition brand which removed the stigma around the ingredient. At the time, the talk was fairly negative in the sporting and health and fitness worlds. Most people in the industry didn’t want to be associated with taking CBD because it had connotations of being a drug.”

The two set out to create a brand that athletes and everyday consumers could proudly associate themselves with.

They concentrated on creating all-natural, highly bioavailable, 0% THC, vegan products that looked and felt just like other sports nutrition products on the market.

„We didn’t want to use the usual imagery of the cannabis leaf or the usual green branding. We wanted to make the ingredient more accessible to a new market of consumers who previously might have thought it’s not safe or had never even considered trying CBD.”

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