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POMPANO BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / In the wake of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, hemp was removed from the list of „Schedule I” controlled substances and became an ordinary agricultural commodity; Bay Smokes began partnering … Bay Smokes

POMPANO BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / In the wake of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, hemp was removed from the list of „Schedule I” controlled substances and became an ordinary agricultural commodity; Bay Smokes began partnering with growers throughout the industry to bring federally legal products to consumers. Bay Smokes is a minority-owned, woman-owned small business operating in the U.S., and its mission is to provide transparency and quality while offering federally legal THC products that consumers can trust.

As cannabis consumers themselves, the founders of Bay Smokes had always wished for a milder option to the high-potency THC products on the market. „The legality of standard cannabis in many states, coupled with hemp becoming federally legal, gave us the boost we needed to deliver products that would serve consumers who wanted alternatives to existing cannabinoid or tobacco products,” says CEO William Goodall.

At the heart of Bay Smokes' products is Delta-8 THC, the molecular cousin to the cannabinoid that makes you high, Delta-9 THC. Federally legal hemp is defined as cannabis with <0.3% Delta-9 by mass, and Delta-8 is derived from this hemp; So yes, it is legal, although specific limitations on hemp-derived products may vary from state to state.

The people behind Bay Smokes are strong supporters of plant medicine and know the benefits of creating a natural, balanced lifestyle. They believe that these values can be realized without sacrificing pleasure or quality. They work with craft growers to ensure high product standards and support other small business owners as they follow their passions.

As firm believers in quality and the natural benefits of using only plant-based ingredients safe to inhale or ingest, Bay Smokes ensures that its website only offers pure, unadulterated hemp cannabinoid products. Their popular cartridges are free from potentially harmful thinning agents, so consumers will never need to worry about MCT, PG, VG, Vitamin-E Acetate, grapeseed oil, or other dilutants in their Bay Smokes purchases.

Bay Smokes uses an independent quality control company to test all ingredients and extracts to ensure that they are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants while also confirming their potency levels. The lab test results are available for every cannabinoid product on their site, and each product comes with a certificate of analysis that includes purity levels and active cannabinoids. The site also provides tasting notes and terpene profiles where applicable.

Bay Smokes is currently offering a variety of federally legal hemp-derived products on their site, and all products contain only the purest forms of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBL, or Delta-8 THC. The cartridges sold by Bay Smokes are made from the purest extracts, and they also contain terpenes from the cannabis flower for a superior flavor. Cartridges come in flavors like Pineapple Express and Super Lemon Haze, among other popular choices.

For folks interested in a more traditional cannabis experience, Bay Smokes also offers Delta-8 and CBD-rich flower strains, like the storied OG Kush, an Indica-dominant strain with dense, slightly purple buds and hints of cinnamon, diesel, and sweetgrass. Skywalker, Sour Cherry Delta8, and other popular strains are also currently available in flower (bud) form.

Consumers who just want to try it all out have the option of choosing from a variety of prerolls, packed with perfect consistency in a Raw cone or Bay Smokes' 25mg Delta8 gummy bears. These gummies offer the benefits of cannabinoids through ingestion rather than inhaling, and, like other products, the Delta-8 THC in these gummy bears is derived from non-GMO, organically grown hemp.

Bay Smokes' extracts and distillates, available in bulk or one gram portion, are derived from several of the most sought-after strains, and they are perfect for consumers who like to use distillates for dabbing or for supplementing their favorite flower strain. From the Indica-dominant hybrid Grand Daddy Purp Delta8 with its blend of pine, skunk, and berry flavors, to the Sativa-dominant hybrid Sour Diesel Delta8 with its tropical, floral profile, consumers are sure to find a distillate that meets their needs.

Wholesale options are also available through their wholesale portal. New and long-time cannabinoid users can find exactly what they want by taking the Bud Tender quiz available on the Bay Smokes website.

At its core, Bay Smokes remains a small business run by passionate people about their products. To learn more, visit

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