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Part of what makes plant-derived cannabidiol (CBD) so great is the many ways you can use it. It has many of the same therapeutic benefits as THC, but without the possibly awkward feeling of being “high.”

If you want to try inhaling CBD, you can smoke CBD flowers or vape plant extract. There are also CBD edibles, extracts (sometimes called “oil,” topicals, and many other types of products containing cannabidiol. Full spectrum hemp products include other cannabinoids and terpenes but not active amounts of THC.

With that said, one of the most effective and popular ways to ingest CBD remains the tincture. Trying a CBD tincture or oil, as it’s sometimes referred to, is simple. These products typically come in a glass or plastic jar filled with CBD oil and topped with a dropper cap. The squeeze cap makes it easy to control the exact amount of CBD you’re ingesting at once. But what benefits do these products provide? Here are the top five uses of CBD tinctures.

1. Mood management

One of the most popular reasons people use CBD is to manage their mood. As even-tempered as you might be, it’s hard to escape the mental and physical side effects of stress. Sometimes, stress can cause you to feel depressed, anxious, or a combination of both of these feelings.

Fortunately, many people can better manage their moods by using CBD. This is because CBD releases cannabinoids within the body. You make cannabinoids naturally, but sometimes you need to feel more of them than your body produces. 

When enough of these feelings build up in your body, it causes you to feel a sense of calmness. If you’re seeking calmness from CBD, make sure to visit Green Unicorn Farms to see their special evening strains.

With the boost of cannabinoids in your body from using CBD, these molecules easily bind to your body’s cannabinoid receptors.

2. Natural pain relief

Going through life in pain is no way to live. Unfortunately, this is a reality for people that live with chronic pain. This type of pain is that which can last years or a full lifetime. In the past, the main ways to treat pain were either with surgeries or pain medication.

As you can imagine, there are many drawbacks to taking narcotics or receiving surgery to get rid of your pain. For one, there’s no guarantee that surgery will eliminate or even reduce chronic pain. If this is the case, you might be spending tens of thousands of dollars for a procedure that doesn’t improve your condition.

The drawbacks of taking pain medication are many. These opioid medications, while effective, are often habit-forming. Habit-forming opioids aren’t only expensive, but they can also be deadly. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that there are 128 deaths per day in the United States attributed to opioid abuse.

Fortunately, CBD provides natural pain relief. Instead of paying for surgeries or expensive medications, cannabidiol offers effective pain relief with minimal (if any) side effects.

3. Good, refreshing sleep

There’s almost nothing better after a long day than a good night’s rest. With that said, many people find it hard to either go to sleep or stay asleep. Unfortunately, almost 165 million people in the United States struggle to get quality sleep.

Sometimes, people struggle to get the sleep they need because they’re bringing their electronics like phones and tablets to bed with them. Other reasons people struggle to sleep have to do with their diets that contain lots of sugar and caffeine. 

Regardless of the reasons why you’re losing sleep, using CBD can help resolve this understandably burdensome situation. The main way that CBD helps you sleep is by working with your body’s endocannabinoid system. As this happens, it helps your body enter states of calmness and stability.

4. Ease assorted health symptoms 

Many people live with a range of symptoms. These symptoms can be the result of sicknesses, medications, or other factors. We’ve previously talked about how well CBD can help relieve pain. However, this chemical compound also works incredibly well to help ease other symptoms.

A recent study split people dealing with chronic symptoms related to their cancer medications into two groups. One group received THC for pain relief, the other received CBD. The results of this study found that the group using CBD experienced a significant reduction in nausea and vomiting compared to the other group.

There are also studies showing that CBD can be a somewhat effective acne treatment.

5. Help With neurological illnesses

Throughout the world, many research groups are working to learn more about CBD’s neuroprotective properties. Because CBD can help with brain signaling, this compound is yielding lots of promise for helping people with neurological illnesses.

A recent study found that a product made from CBD and THC helped treat muscle spasms due to multiple sclerosis. The product was so successful that it helped 74.6% of participants reduce their muscle spasms.

As you’ve learned, there are many reasons why CBD oil is helpful. If you’re looking for an effective and fast way for relief from a wide range of conditions or symptoms, consider trying a CBD tincture.

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