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In a world where many of us are looking to take the edge off — whether it’s pandemic woes, work struggles, or just day-to-day nerves — CBD continues to be on the rise. Enter Canopy Growth Corporation’s newest product, Quatreau, a ready-to-drink CBD-infused sparkling water. The zero sugar, premium canned drink is already popular in Canada, and has officially made its way stateside.

„We have put our beverage strategy to the test in Canada, where we are currently the market share leader in CBD-infused beverages,” said Canopy Growth President and Chief Product Officer Rade Kovacevic. “We are well-positioned to capture U.S. market share in the infused-beverage category with a strategic route to market and a CBD-infused sparkling water that delivers the most CBD for the price with zero sugar and only 25 calories.”

The sparkling beverage comes in four fruit-forward flavors each with 20 mg of U.S. grown hemp-based CBD. The launch of Quatreau in America coincides with an astrological event known as the Age of Aquarius – the zodiac’s water bearer, which brings us to the cusp of a brand-new age. Aptly so, the brand’s logo is reminiscent of the Aquarius’ wave-like sign — with an added line.

To celebrate this serendipitous event, Quatreau has partnered with iconic celebrity astrologist Susan Miller of Astrology Zone on a digital and social campaign. 

“Astrology has made a major pop culture comeback as people turn to the stars for guidance during what has been an unsettling, uncertain, and stressful time for many,” said Canopy Growth Vice President of Beverages Tara Rozalowsky. “With this campaign, we’re highlighting the role functional ingredients like CBD can play in helping people manage their stress, find moments of calm and prioritize wellness during this once-in-a-lifetime transitional period.”


The queen of astrology has paired each of the zodiac’s elements with a corresponding flavor of the refreshing easy to drink beverage. As we live through the Age of Aquarius, Miller says this is an especially interesting time as over the last year we’ve experienced a rattling uproar that will ultimately bring us closer as a community, since it’s the first time we’re all experiencing the same thing. Quatreau is a perfect way to wind down.

“When I drank the Quatreau sparkling water, I felt at ease. It was like a wave of calm swept over me and I could just focus on what I was working on,” says Miller of the CBD beverage.

The four flavors are paired by the astro guru as follows:

The fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius 

  • Quatreau CBD-infused Sparkling Water in Passion Fruit + Guava

These zodiac signs are known for their passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and competitive spirit. Passionfruit is a perfect fit for these fiery souls.

The earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

  • Quatreau CBD-infused Sparkling Water in Blueberry + Acai

These zodiac signs are grounded, loyal, and hard workers. They are known to appreciate the finer things in life, such as good food and wine. 

The air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

  • Quatreau CBD-infused Sparkling Water in Ginger + Lime

These zodiac signs are the communicators of the world. They are thinkers and doers.

The water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

  • Quatreau CBD-infused Sparkling Water in Cucumber + Mint

These zodiac signs are known for their intense emotions and sentimental value.

Miller compared the cucumber + mint flavor to be one that has the power to make drinkers feel like they’re at an afternoon tea in a fancy hotel garden.

While creating these pairings, Miller explained her reasoning behind each, including a fond childhood memory of picking blueberries with her family that led to assigning the blueberry + acai flavor. 

“As a child we would go to my grandmother’s house in upstate New York and we would take these pails and pick blueberries. If you haven’t done it — it’s an amazing experience and smells wonderful. We would fill these pails up and it was such an earthy experience. So now I associate blueberries with the earth so much. I have such happy memories with blueberries and I felt like the Earth signs would love this one the most,” shared Miller.

Quatreau can be found on Canopy’s one-stop U.S. e-commerce destination, www.shopcanopy.com.

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