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As demand for cannabis products keeps growing, people take for granted the expression: “Cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all.” What people forget is that the statement is not exclusive to cannabis — it applies to pharmaceuticals, drinks, food and even the cosmetic products we use daily. As the industry begins to go mainstream, however, consumer behavior has shifted as well, with many asking and trying to figure out, “What would be the right dosing for the reason I decided to take cannabis?”

According to a DIG Insights survey conducted in 2020, potential consumers cite, “I want to stay in control” as the top barrier at 68%, along with “I don’t like to smoke” at 61% and “not knowing how it will make me feel” at 55%. Truly understanding it’s consumer needs, Voyager Products addressed all those barriers with it’s dispenser + pod technology for cannabis drops.

Voyager Products, a health-tech startup in the cannabis space, understands how important it is to give an answer to this question, which sometimes can be the No. 1 barrier to entry. The company enables consumers to stay in control by giving them the power to customize their dose precisely to their needs. Here’s what you need to know.

Today’s Cannabis Consumption

Users are starting to understand the power of cannabis and its different components, from terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids. There is more than THC and CBD — and every person has a different endocannabinoid system that benefits in uniquely individual ways.

Before legalization, the most common way to consume cannabis was by smoking flower. Nowadays, whether the decision to use cannabis is for adult-use or medicinal purposes, we have several options of intake, from edibles, vapes, beverages, and oils to topicals. In fact, consumption of flower appears to be declining, and with new scientific data available, users can better identify the benefits of cannabis and what fits their needs.

When it comes to dosing oils and extracts, the market offers various product platforms allowing customization of dosage, each having its own pros and cons. Yet, these different methods still are inconvenient, not precise enough and still have an element of uncertainty.

A Solution To Dosing Voyager Products

Understanding that one dose does not fit all, it’s the premise that every human body is different and requires custom dosages. Voyager Products offers a pocket-size electronic dispenser for liquid concentrates to give consumers control over their cannabis experience.

Voyager uses a multi-layered approach to solve dosing to appeal to both potential and current cannabis users, addressing negatives associated with current offerings. Its products were developed with the consumer in mind first and how they could enhance their experience.

The company articulates four core elements which dosing should address:

  • Customization: Consumers can set their dose in 1mg increments and allow consumers to tailor their dose to their specific needs (also keeping in mind that different people have different tolerance levels).

  • Precision: Dispensers are accurate to +/- 3%, which is particularly important for medical users that are looking for specific therapeutic effects.

  • Repetition: Consumers get their desired dose each time – allowing for the same experience and consistency.

  • Simplicity: Consumers just set their desired dose, dispense and enjoy! This brings the previous three together — if a product is not intuitive, convenient and simple to use, it is not beneficial.

The company recently partnered with DIG Insights and conducted a product concept research in December 2020 to test its products with potential consumers. After introducing Voyager’s products, users revealed benefits that appealed to them the most: Precision (82%) and Simplicity (79%).

“We are making dosing a simple and worry-free day-to-day activity – what it’s supposed to be,” said Giovanni Gerbolini, Voyager’s COO. “Whether you want to have better sleep, treat your pain or need help concentrating, the answer is at your fingertips.” He added, “You pick your pod, select your dose, dispense your drop, and on you go with your day feeling great.”

For more information, please visit the company’s website.

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