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There’s no denying what a crazy time we’re currently living in. Pandemic stress and post-election stress on top of regular, everyday stress hasn’t made for a very zen 2021 for any of us. If yoga and meditation aren’t exactly your thing (or even if they are!), there’s another way to relax your mind and body: CBD gummies, like these fruity-flavored ones from Highline Wellness.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has seriously taken off in recent years. (If you’re still feeling unsure about the stuff, hear us out: CBD is a natural substance derived from hemp that is technically classified as a drug, but it contains no psychoactive properties.) Highline Wellness' CBD gummies, like many CBD products, help reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and, according to Highline, offer an overall „calm sense of well-being.” Oh, and the gummies do all that without creating a „high.”

We personally love to use Highline Wellness' Anytime Gummies, but there’s plenty of different gummies to choose from. Just pop one or two of these colorful little bears to start the day anxiety-free, or to fall asleep more easily at night. Highline suggests starting with just one gummy, and bumping the dose up to two if you feel you need more. While incorporating the gummies into your every day routine is recommended, you can also opt to simply take them as needed.

If you’re more specifically looking for gummies to take in the morning, you may want to try the brand’s CBD Day or CBD Energy Gummies. And if you need something a little stronger for the evenings? Go for the CBD Night Gummies. No matter which gummies you try though, you’re guaranteed a tranquil, almost meditative experience.

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