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Almost half the year of 2021 is over and the
reddit communities around THC cartridges from made up companies have grown
substantially. The main questions being asked in these communities are if the
THC oil vape cartridges purchased from their plug are genuine and safe? The
communities on reddit have grown substantially into tens of thousands of people
sharing pictures of THC cartridges in question of authenticity.

Criminals are flooding their products across state lines and there are new bust being reported frequently on these cases. People from all over the United States are reporting the same unlicensed cartridges appearing on their plugs social media accounts and even marketplace apps such as offerup. There are even million dollar operations being reported with one just recently. They are pushing THC oil cartridges that have been manufactured illegally, and most of the time the legal market would not accept it because of it being not up to industry standards.

Unsafe 510 Thread Cartridges with
Cannabis Oil

The most popular type of vape cartridge that’s
prefilled with marijuana extracted oil is called a 510-thread cartridge. Its
name refers to its connection type. Unfortunately, a lot of people who will buy
these THC cartridges do not know the potential danger behind them. There is
also a lot of articles that can be found of peoples negative experiences with
unlicensed cannabis oil carts. There has been many news reports about people
who had to go to the hospital because of these illegal and contaminated THC

Unsafe toxicity levels of pesticides are reported
to be presented in many of the marijuana oil cartridges being sold illegally
with frequently new made up brands. Unfortunately, the people buying these
cannabis oil vape cartridges are just trying to get a good deal and end up
paying more with their health. There are now websites dedicated to helping as a
resource for people worried if they have an unsafe THC cartridge.

Unlicensed THC Vape Oil Carts Are
No Good

Its become a huge problem in the USA because
of the ability to make a lot of money fast with these illegally manufactured
THC carts. They are much more profitable and transportable compared to selling
cannabis. Criminals will travel across state lines with massive amounts of THC
cartridges to places where cannabis is illegal, and their profits jump
substantially there. A lot are getting caught during their illegal journeys to
make to money selling these THC carts with low quality cannabis oil.

The Best THC cartridges For Sale

It’s important to buy from a reputable
cannabis company that prove with credible lab reports that their THC oil is
clean from any harmful toxins. There are many companies that provide great THC
cartridge options, and they can be found in places where cannabis is legal. Do
not ever buy from your friends plug, or risk the consequences that can come
with it.

Identify Fake THC Oil cartridges

Using Leafipedia.net to locate the THC
cartridge in question is easy. They have a massive resource on all the fake THC
carts being sold by criminals, and any reports linking back to news report or
lab test on them. Search for a THC cart in question, and learn!

The website Leafipedia.net is up to date with the latest fake carts because of the frequent research being done online. They recently exposed the choices carts, which is a cannabis oil cartridge that was made to look like a licensed product. People can quickly see for themselves the exact process of how criminals are buying the packaging online and filling the empty 510-thread carts with their own poor quality distillate oil.

To summarize everything up, this new type of
cannabis product really reveals how criminals have no regard for the well-being
of their customers. They are already breaking the law to sell these cannabis
oil cartridges, and are pushing these unsafe products in huge numbers to the

Counterfeits of Popular Marijuana
Oil Vape Cartridges Are A Huge Problem

Criminals will buy counterfeit packaging of
popular cannabis companies from California, and fill these empty cartridges
with their cannabis oil too. Therefore, just don’t any cannabis oil cartridges
from someone who may not have your health in their best interest. Stay safe by
simply visiting a licensed dispensary or ordering from a delivery service with
the proper licenses. Also remember only to buy 510-thread THC oil vape
cartridges from a brand with lab test results available.

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