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The month of May is all about mental health awareness. Here at Elevate Holistics, your health and wellness are our number one priority. Here are four ways that cannabis may improve your everyday mental wellbeing.

4. Cannabis can help boost your mood.

During times like these, being positive and upbeat isn’t always easy. (Okay, it’s really tough.) But, that’s okay! Many people choose to turn to medical cannabis because of its ability to boost mood and reduce depressive episodes. Researchers have found a direct correlation between cannabis use and the serotonin receptors in the brain. When consumed, these levels rise, and you’re left with feelings of bliss and contentment. So, the next time you’re struggling to lift yourself up, maybe take a puff of cannabis and try again. (Low doses tend to be best for situations like this.)

3. Medical marijuana is excellent for regulating stress levels. 

While stress is normal, too much pressure can have severe negative impacts on our mental health. During uncomfortable or triggering situations, the body produces cortisol — our primary stress hormone. Regulating these levels on our own is doable, but support is always welcome when you’re already feeling low. Various studies have demonstrated the positive relationship between medical marijuana and cortisol, showing healthy regulation after cannabis consumption. Over time, consistent use can help maintain these healthy stress levels, leaving you feeling more balanced, calm, and ready to tackle anything.

2. CBD has proven anti-anxiety properties.

For many, cannabis is ideal for one thing: reducing anxiety. Medical marijuana has strong anti-anxiety properties that are wonderful for varying degrees of anxiety disorders. For some, THC may actually raise anxiety levels, but CBD tends to do the opposite. In general, CBD’s calming, soothing properties create a wonderful all-natural escape from racing, irrational thoughts. The cannabinoid can calm tremors and regulate thinking, allowing for a more comfortable everyday experience. For those constantly plagued by worrying, CBD may give you the deep breath you need.


1. MMJ can help alleviate the effects of PTSD and other psychiatric disorders. Within the past few decades, cannabis science has come remarkably far, especially in terms of its relationship to psychiatric disorders. For many, conditions like PTSD are not easily treated and come with side effects that can hold you back entirely. Thankfully, we’re discovering that medical marijuana may be beneficial for aspects of PTSD — from nightmares to depressive episodes and even panic attacks. This all-natural option has proven life-changing for many plagued with these tough-to-manage disorders. Because of marijuana’s ability to reduce activity in the brain’s amygdala, this creates a break from the ever-present fear, anxiety, and anguish. With cannabis, these overwhelming emotions may transform into something you can handle.

This May, taking care of yourself should be a priority — and medical marijuana can help you make that happen. Head on over to the Elevate website to learn more about MMJ, its benefits, and our other effortless services. Through us, getting your MMJ card happens in just a few simple steps.

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Featured photo by Matthew Ball

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